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Im looking for an used sanyo Cx for about 100€. I could get an used c6 at this price. Now I found a used CG6 for 150€ and wondered if it is worth the higher price. Actually 100€ was the maximum i wanted to pay for a cam.

Would I become angry about my decision if i buy a c6 now and see the cg6 some day?
Are there a differences in stills?
How about the noise of the zoom an focus?
Is the low-light performance and the stabilizer of the cg6 much better than of the c6?
I will use it on a motorcycle and I already saw a video on a motorcycle made with a c1, which was quite ok and not to shaky. So I guess the c6 could suffice my needs?

What i like about the c6 very much is the metall case, how thin it is and the cheaper price of course.

thanks for your answers
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Hi There,

Having had a c5, c6 and now a cg6 its swings and roundabouts I'm afraid.

I prefer the c6 size and bespoke case it comes with.

The cg6 seems to have better low light performance and for methe decider was thatit charges from mini usb (the same as my mp3 player, blackberry and mobile phone).

The quality between the c6 and cg6 for stills and movies is not huge, so if you can do without the mini usb charging, the c6 might be preferable for you as its a better size.

Not sure if I've helped or made things more confusing for you here, but this is my experience with the two cameras.

Best wishes

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