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Hi, I've read though a bunch of threads here and done some web searching but I'm still not sure what's the minimum speed an SD card should have for use in the C6. I have one that's 7 MB/s. Every now and then in playback it seems to be choppy for a frame but I think that's just the image stabilization adjusting.

I don't care about transfer speed to the computer (the 7 MB/s card is fast enough for me in that regard), I just want to make sure that a faster card wouldn't make any difference as far as recording videos is concerned before I try a different card.
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Image stabilization should in fact counteract the choppiness. Maybe what you are describing is "stuttering" or jerkiness (odd single frames freeze for a milisecond or so).

The most common problem of jerky video playback is the video player on the computer. Many peoplehaveproblemswithjerky playeback usingApple QuickTime player - this may be related to the "power" of your computer (processor speed; video card quality etc.), and may not be a primary problem with QT player. You can try these freewaremedia players which use less computer resources andmay improve on the quality of the playback:

VLC player:


Media Player Classic:


(next page find "Media Player Classic" download amongst many files)

Most users have agreed that the speed of an average (non-high speed) memory card is sufficient for the highest video quality recordingon the C6. Therefore, thememory card is not an issue. If you still have your doubt, test this byhooking the C6 up to the TV with the included AV cable and play the video: smooth playback means the video has been stored on the memory card correctly and completely, without any dropped framesor loss of video data. That means your memory card is doing the job.

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