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HD Bob Jul 13, 2007 12:38 AM

Greetings everyone;

I found this excellent site during my CG-65 and HD2 information gathering efforts. I have been figuring out which unit to purchase. After viewing many samples and reading the comments in the forums on these two camcorder/camera devices, I have decided to go with the CG-65. The overall video quality of the HD2 is just not up to par for what HD can deliver. Perhaps an HD3 or HD4 model will have suffiecient encoding power to do HD justice. Till then I will wait with the CG-65.

Another negative I found from listening to the HD2 samples is the microphone(s) are very susceptible to direct wind noise. If the wind is blowing into the microphone cavity there is a considerable amount of rumble distoriton in the audio. I don't know if that effect is worse on the unit that created the samples or if it is a design flaw. The CG-65 has its audio issue with the autofocus motor coupling into the received audio path but I guess I will live with that.

During my evaluation, I took downloaded CG-65 and HD2 MPEG-4 samples (which I assume were taken directly from a camera) and played them back directly though my XBOX 360. The HD2 samples I downloaded were recorded at 9Mb/s with MPEG-4 codec which is a bit beyond the smooth playback capability of the XBOX 360 which IIRC maxes out at 8Mb/s for MPEG-4. Anyway it was good enough to get a sense of how the HD2 files looked on the big screen. THe CG-65 files (H.264/AVC codec) played back flawlessly.

Anyway just thought I would pass along the mp4 playback compatability news to CG-65, HD2, and XBOX 360 owners as another way to watch your videos.


Caelum Jul 14, 2007 6:41 AM

Good to know, thanks!

Caelum Aug 20, 2007 8:34 AM

I was over at a friend's place and plugged my CG65 directly into their XBOX 360 via USB to see... I was very surprised at how well the XBOX 360 plays the CG65's videos, it plays them very smoothly and upscales them beautifully. On his 51" the videos looked and sounded great. We alsoput some ofthe CG65's MP4 files on his home PC and the XBOX 360 played them just as well using it's media extender functionality (the Zune software on his PC handles MP4s well). We also downloaded high definition H.264 MOV videos from Apple's web site and it played them very well despite some of those not playing so smoothly on my own PC. I see the XBOX 360 is much more than a games machine... nice.

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