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I've had my CG65 for about a month and could not be more pleased. Although I previously owned a C5, I had never used it indoors, so I was unprepared for the excellent results I got from the CG65.

I attended my grandson's kindergarten graduation, held in a church. My son fogot his camcorder but I had the CG65 in my shirt pocket, planning to take some stills after the ceremony. Well, I shot several clips in full auto mode, zooming etc. I took a total of 30 minutes of video and every shot was very, very good to my tired old eyes. The videos and sound (children singing) were both excellent. Folks, I'm sure there's a better camcorder out there somewhere, but I don't need it.

After the ceremony, I had several of the dads ask what I was using. I could have sold a dozen of these little beauties.

I viewed the clips on my TV, then quickly joined them in the camera and saved them to my Panasonic DVD hard drive recorder and burned a few DVDs for the family. All of this and I still have an hour of blank space on my Sandisk 2GB Ultra 2.

So, color me a happy user. And, as we all know, the best camera or camcorder is the one you have with you.
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Fun to hear.
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The sound I have heard so far has been vary good. The SD cameras have a huge advantage here with no motor or tape transport noise. This noise is common in allmost all the DV cams.

The placement of the mikes on the back of the LCD is also a good idea. Many DV camcorders have the mikes on the top facing up or mostly up. This picks up more reflected sound and won't sound nearly as good, also theLCD blocks the sound from the rear of the room and there is enough room on the LCD to space the mikes further apart for better stereo sound.
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Setter Dog,

Your post says it all....enjoy the memories.

Bob NG
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