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niftimusmaximus Sep 21, 2006 4:32 PM

I hope this question hasn't already been answered somewhere else in the forums, but so far I've nearly turned the internet inside out trying to find out whether the Xacti CA6 would be able to use a non SDHC 4gb SD card. I have neither the CA6 nor the memory card yet, but I'm wanting to get them soon and the non-SDHC 4gb cardsseem to be around $100AUD cheaper than the SDHC ones.

My understanding is that the SDHC cards (like normal SD cards 4gb and up) are FAT32 formatted. Given that the CA6 can read SDHC,should italso be able to handle FAT32 -- i.e. a cheap non SDHC compliant 4gb card?

Does anyone have any experience with using these cheaper 4gb cards with the CA6 or can anyone otherwise shed light on the likelihood of a cheap 4gbcard working in the CA6?

celsius2 Sep 27, 2006 12:46 AM

The safest bet is to take the camera to the SD card seller and try it out.

Buy from one that lets you try.

niftimusmaximus Sep 28, 2006 11:51 AM

Thanks for the reply!

I've taken a gamble and have purchased both the memory card and the camera (from online vendors)and they should be arriving in a few days. I'll be sure to post details of my success or failure on the forums - at worst I'll have a $95AUD 4gb SD card to use as a little portable archive to hold the contents of 2x2gb SD cards when I'm traveling.

niftimusmaximus Oct 2, 2006 1:54 AM


My Xacti CA6 and the 4GB 150x A-Data (non SDHC) SD card arrived today, and I've managed to use the 4GB card without a problem. I've triedloading the card with around 3GB worth of files to ensure that the camera can handle writing past the 2GB mark and it's worked without any problems at all.

I bought the card very cheaply off E-bay ($95 Australian dollars including P&H) and am thrilled that it works. (Unfortunately the camera which arrived has a dead or hot pixel, which I'm not so thrilled about).

s96024 Oct 24, 2006 11:44 AM

Hi, Can you give us a short review of the camera, and what you think of it generally. I'm looking at getting this to replace my c6. But can't decide whether to swap or not. I woul;d use it for few months of the year skiing, but then for the rest of the year it's waterproofness would not really be needed. Does it look/feel like it would be able to cope with some general abuse, rather than water, like dropping e.t.c. Might just buy it and compare then sell whichever I don't like the most. I'm not sure if the 2GB-4GB memory jump is much of an advantage, because I use an OTG HDD and if the battery time is the same it wouldn't help.

niftimusmaximus Oct 25, 2006 2:09 AM

Hi there,

I think the camera suits my personal needs very well. I've actually purchased it to go on a 3 month overseas trip to the USA and Europe (during their winter months which is where the water/snow resistance should be an advantage). I've sprinkled quite a bit of water on it in the course of showing it off to various people and it seems to take this in its stride (though I'm not sure that C6 wouldn't also be able to take these splashes).

The camera itself has a hard plastic caseand, strangely, seems quite heavy for something so tiny -- if it were a car, it probably wouldn't have any crumple zones. I'd have no qualms about dropping it on grass, carpet, snow or shrubbery but it so far hasn't been dropped on to harder surfaces. It seems like it would need a bullet or two to crack the plastic casing, but I'd be concerned aboutcracking something in the internal focus/zoom mechanism. The camera didn't come with a lens cap either, which is more an issue with dust than scratches (seeing as the lens is recessed about an inch into the camera) -- but thereseems to be the smallest of chances that dropping it on to something protruding out of the ground could strike the lens. Having said all this, mine doesn't have any scratches (either on the body or the lens) so far and I think it could cope withknocks quite well.

I reckon some things to consider might be:
  1. If the C6 has served you without getting damaged thus far it may be quite tough already and may be sufficient for your needs. I'm definitely not so confident in the CA6's apparent sturdiness to really push it to the limit and I'd probably cry myself to sleepif I dropped it out of carelessness/misplaced confidence in its construction. [/*]
  2. The CA6 has no tripod mount at the bottom. [/*]
  3. The CA6 screen doesn't swivel up and down (i.e. it can't point to the sky or the ground when the camera's being held --it just flips outwards). This may make it very tricky to use whilst skiing as you'd basically have to look for potentially life-threatening downhill hazards on the CA6's screen. [/*]
  4. As you say, the battery would need to be replaced once or maybe twice in the course of filling up a 4gb card. [/*]
  5. There's a chance you might get a new CA6 withone or more dead/hot pixels and depending on who you buy it from, it may be difficult to exchange/repair.[/*]
It might be worth considering using the C6 until it breaks, and buying a CA6 if it does (the price for the CA6 seems to be coming down in the meantime). I suspect, totally on intuition, that there may be quite a small range ofuses/accidents after which the C6 would break and the CA6 would be unscathed. Nonetheless, I'll post something in the forums when my camera sustains a pleasing knock/drop on toa hard surface! ;)

Caelum Oct 25, 2006 10:35 AM

Thanks niftimusmaximus. I'm surprised the screen doesn't swivel, and that there is no tripod mount! I use my C6 with a Gorillapod all the time, I can't imagine not having that option.

s96024 Oct 25, 2006 12:26 PM

Thanks niftimusmaximus. The only reason I thought maybe the c6 would not be adequate is last year I had a c5 and it broke while I was skiing. I don't actually know why it broke, but I assumed it was water damage. Hence why this time I have made a very shabby waterproof case out of the case which comes with the camera for this season. I think generally the c6 is ok for general abuse, I have dropped mine several times and it has a few scratches but still works fine. Also my c4 lasted ages and took loads of dmg before finally dieing. c5 only lasted few weeks, so i'm guessing water is a real problem with it.

The CA6 is quite a bit cheaper and I have checked the technical specs and it does differ in a few ways to the c6 which I assume combined with non- rotating screen, is why it's not as expensive. Tripod doesn't really bother me, I have never used it on any of the cameras I have had and don't think I will.

I am trying to find a powerpack or something for it which could extend the battery life to 2+ hours. There must be something. I really wanted to combine it with a bullet cam, but both cameras can't use it so that doesn't help.

I think I will risk it with my modified waterproof case and hope it protects it enough. I am sure the c7 or something will be out to replace it anyway.

MarkusX Oct 28, 2006 6:56 AM


when you test your memory make sure, tu record a continous movie of at least 40 minutes!! I bought two 2gb Extremmemory Cards from Amazon.Both cardsalways crashed the camera after5 to 30 minutes of continous recording !! And to make it worse: the recorded movie was not accessible on the card after the crash. To get the camera work again i had to remove the battary.

I replaced the cards with 2gb from Transcend which work fine. No crashin ganymore.


s96024 Oct 29, 2006 8:57 AM

Cheers markus. My 2gb seems to work ok. I have done a hr long video and it worked fine. I also found several different portable battery packs on the bay which can extend the battery time by about 4 times. Although I can only record 1hr23mins at highest quality. Might have to check the other options never tried the lower quality video before.

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