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The price is high, but there aren't anyHD video camerason the marketthat are nearly as compact and toteable as the HD1 or X15. Sure, you can get a decent consumer Standard Def MiniDV camera for that price, but the onlycamera that comes close to being a small HD video camera is the Sony HVR-Z1U little brother...the HDR-HC1 (small, but not something you can stick in your pocket!). Trust me...HD is here to stay. Just asB&W television and film have been slowlyphased out, standard definition will as well. Who knows how well the X15 will hold up in low light (or even the HD1 for that matter), but with OIS and HDMI to boot, it might be worth seeing how it performs before totally rejecting it.

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I suspect Sanyo's image quality is better than Samsung - even though it was not a big player in the modern camcorder industry, Sanyo has been producing image and video equipement over the years aferall. But Samsung ..... they just produce a lot of different electric and electronic products, amongst other things.

I have not seen any detailed reports on the video performance of either the Xacti HD-1 or the new Samsung. However, cancorder.info reviewed an early Sanyo (aka. Fisher) C1 model and a more recent Samsung Miniket Memory-Stick camcorder:



Please note the scores given to (1) video performance (2) low light performance (3) still performance - the Sanyo C1 beats the Samsung in all of these areas (Samsung is more of a digital camcorder with stills ability, so definitely no match to the Sanyo), despite the fact that the Sanyo C1 came out about two years before the Samsung (2005)!!

I have also reported that camcorder.info bashed the newest Sanyo HD-1 prematurely, based upon their review of an ancient C1 model:


(Hope there is a full review soon, so stay tuned!)

With respect to "HD" in the latest Sanyo and Samsung camcorders - I believe this is more of a marketing scheme - in these consumer-grade camcorders, the only characteristic that would fit "high definition" is really the resolution (aka. screen size, "pixels X pixels"). The ability to make large-screen videos doesn't guarantee the ability to make it look good on a large screen HDTV: there are many other factors - good glass (optics), good CCD sensor, good video encoding chip, and good video codec/ bitrate. That is why there are expensive pro-sumer HDV camcorders like the Sony HDR-HC1, which will deliver true "high definition" quality.

You should note that the "big" camcorder manufacturers which are also venturing into miniature digital medium storage camcorders, like the JVC Everio and Panasonic SV lines, are supporting the traditional MPEG-2 family of codec, because it works so well in producing DVD standard that we are familiar with, but at the expense of high bitrate. All they are waiting for is the memory card or microdrive size to increase to tens of gigabytes.

MPEG-4 is only the name of a family of newest multimedia codecs, and MP4 is one of them. This codec adopted by Sanyo is rather old and not the best in quality. There are many other MPEG-4 codecs, like H.264, which is a promising candidates for the future "HDV" standard.

The MPEG-2 vs. MPEG-4 battle is playing out just like the old Betamax vs. VHS, stay tuned!
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"I have not seen any detailed reports on the video performance of either the Xacti HD-1 or the.."

There's16 pagedetailed examination of the Sanyo HD1 taking place at dvinfo.net...

Oneguy is in possession of the camand willing to spend a great deal of time carrying out tests and posting them for download.


As forhow the Samsung model will compare - we'll have no idea until we get our handson it.

However, the 4GB built in storage and the HDMIare important.The current HD1 cannot be taken out of the box and used - you have to buy an SD card.What's more Sanyowill only officially guarantee 1GB or 2GB SD cards work - though the aforementionned guy at dvinfo.net has confirmed 4GB cards work too.

By the way - 'tis 'kettle of fish' not cattle!
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This HD1 review is horrible. They probably spent a lot of time, but facts are straigt wrong. Did they pay attention, f.e., that Sony has CCD of 1.3 Mpix, but Sanyo 5 Mpix?
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