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Tumster Oct 20, 2007 9:55 PM

I just purchased a CG65. Of course, no detail on the camera's specification re. what class of SD Card to use, not even a minimum speed - this supports the theory that any SD card would do. The shop who sold me the cameral gave me a 1GB 133X Lexar Professional (Class 6) as a gift. I nowwant a 4GB card and I am pretty sure I don't need to pay top $$$ for a Class 6.

I read a few threads on this forum suggesting that any SD card would do. Then I re-read some of the CG65 reviews and a few mentioned that at top resolution, the CG65's data transferrate is 3 mbps. It that's true, don't I need at least a Class 4 card (min. write speed of 4 mbps) to guarantee proper resultsat max resolution?

I know that the question has been asked a few times but I am still confused. Please excuse me if this is a dumb question, I am brand new to flash based camcorders. With stills, I am pretty sure it doesn't matter but really don't want to have choppy videos.

ray301 Oct 20, 2007 10:13 PM

Pretty much any should do.

the classes on the SDHC cards are rated at MB per second. So a class 6 means its minimum write speed is 6 megabytes per second.

The data rate at top quality of CG65 is 3 mb/s, which is MegaBITE per second.

there's roughtly 8 mb in 1 MB

so converted to a SDHC rating, a Class 0.375 card will suffice :)

You can save some money by skipping the class 6, a class 2 or 4 will be just as good for you.

Caelum Oct 20, 2007 10:31 PM

Yup, camera'sbitrate is, of course,measured in bits (b), SDHC class speeds are specified in bytes (B). So even a Class 2 = 2 MB/s = 16Mb/s, more than enough for thehighestbit-rate of the CG65. Even a plain vanilla SD card without a speed rating should befast enough for the CG65. Only real reason you'd want to spend more on higher speeds is when it comes to transferring yourmovies/photos to the PC, then the speed will come in play (if you are impatient)... or if you plan toanother device that requires higher speeds.

Really, any SD / SDHC card will work well with the CG65, as long as it's in working order and is not a fake one bought off a disreputable dealer.

Tumster Oct 21, 2007 12:41 AM

Thanks Ray301 and Caelum, the difference between Megabytes and Megabits is what caused me to be confused. A Class 2 (just to be safe :-)) is what I will buy then. Thanks.

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