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I've tested my HD1000 modes and regardless of the interlacing 1080i *is* sharper and clearer than the 720 progressive modes. Sure, 720/60p's motion looks incredible and the progressive scan does help dramatically with motion, but... on the HD1000 the 1080 mode still does indeed present a higher resolution image with more detailed even though it's interlaced.

Of course, I would prefer 1080p! But, until Sanyo comes out with a model that has OPTICAL stabilization I will stick with my HD1000. The instant they come out withan optically stabilized model that has 1080p I'm buying one - so long as the price isn't retarded of course.

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1080i does look better on a 1080p 40 plus inches lcd and I cannot tell the difference on a 720p lcd too much. I have also managed upscaling 720p to 1080p and adding a bit of sharpness to it which helps it look really good. I was not able to tell the difference between the 1080i and the converted 720p to 1080p. Of course both are not the same but you can say it looks better.

Before I bought this camera, I was in a heated thought between the hd 1010 or the hd 1000. I came to the conclusion that [email protected] was not worth it for me nor was the [email protected] that the hd1010 offers. I just told myself the technology was not quite there. So What I was looking for really was a [email protected] If There was a [email protected], then i would of jumped on it.

When I started recording my videos (I'm still in debate over this part) was in what to shoot! I was shooting my videos at 1080i and was very impressed with the footage. Then I came accross the problem of blurryness. So I started shooting at 720p. The blurriness was gone.

Now I'm thinking again. If I was in alaska and wanted to do those incredible shoots, Just maybee, I would of shoot in 1080i if subjects and background is not moving. If I was in a party with lots of motion, I would definetly shoot in 720p. I guess I should just start treating the video recorder as a camera and use it as such.

So I guess it just depends what you want to use if for and if you like the results of how your videos get converted. Not only that, we start having issues with the mp4 format. I can't open 1080i videos on too many free softwares at the moment until a new product comes along. Vegas video opens the files fine. It's also about 400-800 dollars depending on where you buy it. A problem with vegas is they want you to convert your footage to proprietary files but there are workarounds to this.

I hope my expirience helps any. As of right now, I still shoot in 720p and edit in avidemux and not in vegasvideo. I'm pretty happy with the results.

This is a picture deinterlaced. I converted a [email protected] to [email protected] in vegas and it is indoors when we had a small gathering. Also, my hand is not steady. I move around alot because I am very hyper. I just think it depends on the subject. Alaska sounds nice in 1080i. If you do a comparison between the top one that I recorded @60fps to the 30fps, you can see the difference.
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