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My C6 has 3 dead (bright) pixels. They really stand out in dark scenes, although most people who view my moviesexcept me don't seem overly bothered by them. Aside from that no other problems to report.
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I'm new here, and I read many interesting things about Xactis. About reliability of these cameras, I can says my experience : I used a C1 some years and it got dead pixels twice, Sanyo change the CCD twice and then I bought the C6 (and give the C1 to a friend). The C6 have dead pixels too...
Focus and zoom are slow and noisy, but less noisy than the C1. I'm not sure, but it seems the C6 make mp4 more compressed than C1, then with lower quality. But may be I'm wrong, may be it's the problem Caelum explain in another thread : I replace QT alternative by ffdshow in the same time (... not sure !)

One important thing I want to say, is that cameras are not equals : when C1 was returned, the vendor lend me another C1, less noisy, but with inefficient focus ! I have a friend with a C6, and his camera can see in the dark when mine don't see nothing !
So, I think it's like a poker game when you buy a Xacti, or may be the seller open ten boxes and let you try...

So, even those dead pixels, even low and hunting focus, I like those cameras and I'll buy the CG65. Next year, I'll come to HD. I'm playing and working with Xactis from 4 or 5 years (http://www.adiu.fr/tv & http://www.malexism.org for playing, http://www.uzeste.org for working. All photos and vidéos are made with Xactis.)

Thank you all for your advices.
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