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Hello everyone. First post here......in fact, I joined just to be able to ask this question :G (also, I have searched but no one else seems to have asked this specific Q concerning powered USB drives (apologies if I missed it )).

Background: My sis has a Sanyo Xacti HD1000. I set the cradle up to send the 1080i signal via HDMI to her Panasonic 1080p Viera. The other cable into the cradle is the power lead. The third cable is Hard Disk USB cable.

In order to archive any footage to an external hard drive, I assumed a few prerequisites were needed:
  1. The external hard drive will only work if it is powered by it's own power lead....portable ones powered by the BUS apparently don't work
  2. The hard drive must be formatted FAT32 (up to 2 TB I think?)
  3. It will only work with 1 partition per drive, so if you have 3 partitions, only 1 will be used by the xacti, the other 2 won't.
  4. Plug the cradle's usb into the HD and it will be recognised.
  5. You need to then format the hd from the Xacti in order for it to work correctly?

1: Check, she has a brand new Maxtor 500Gb external HD with it's own power supply.
2: Check, when I connect up to her mac (Disk Utility) in both Leopard and Tiger, both confirm that it is indeed a FAT32 formatted drive. Plugging into a Vista and XP PC also confirms it's a useable FAT32 drive.
3: Check, it is not partitioned....one giant (shows up as 465.65Gb) FAT32 drive .
4: The HD has a mini-USB input but the lead from the cradle was a standard male USB A plug :roll:......but easily fixed with a simple adapter . However, on plugging it in, I hit a problem. The xacti doesn't recognise the HD at all . You should get a menu option that allows you to format the external drive, but it doesn't appear. The manual states that if it doesn't appear, it's because the file system is not compatible with the Xacti......
....What? I have checked the HD on 4 separate OS's all of which confirm it is a perfectly "normal" FAT32 drive :!:. I have even connected up using the same cables, but the computer's all still seem to recognize it fine (so it isn't a cable issue).
5: Problem. Without step 4, the Xacti doesn't give me that menu option in the first place (it doesn't even give an error...it simply ignores the fact that the HD is connected), so I can't format the HD from the Xacti :angry:.

I have looked via google and over at the pretty unhelpful Sanyo parent site, (and in the manuals), but cannot seem to find how to get the HD recognised :sad:.
According to Tiger/Leopard/XP/Vista, it is a perfectly functional 500Gb FAT32 drive......but the Xacti is acting as though nothing is there even though it is FAT32 and the Xacti will only work with FAT32.

Oh, I have re-formatted it twice now but keep getting the same problem .

Can someone please help me? I'm pulling my hair out here .
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I have a 160GB Western Digital "My Book" external USB hard drive connected to my HD1000 and it works fine. The Western Digital is on its own power supply like you said. The only thing I did different from you is that I used the USB adapter cable that came with the HD1000. It converts the mini USB connector on the HD1000 dock to a normal sized female USB connector (so I can use the normal USB cable that came with my Western Digital drive). Also, I didn't have to format the Western Digial drive from the HD1000. I guess the drive was already formated FAT32 because the HD1000 used it as is. This is my order of operation:

1. Make sure the USB hard drive is plugged into its power adapter and also connected to the HD1000 dock.

2. Make sure the HD1000 is off. Place the HD1000 into the dock.

3. Turn on the HD1000. When the HD1000 powers on, my hard drive "wakes up" and powers on automatically.

4. The HD1000 automatically detects that an external hard drive is attached and displays a special menu asking if you want to play movies off the hard drive or the internal SD card.

If your external hard drive is not working as I described then I don't know what may be wrong.

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Problem fixed:

I was using the Xacti plug-----Male A USB lead.
This was then going into a USB A female-female adapter.........which then accepted the USB A male------USB mini cable that came with the HD.

So the cable looked like this:

Xacti Cradle Xacti plug-----Male A USB USB A female-female adapter USB A male------USB mini HDD

This way I could have a long run (position the HDD further away on side cabinet).
connect to PC/mac = OK........connecting to Xacti = No go :!:.

I took your advice and used the other cable in the Xacti box for a simpler connection: which is a Xacti plug-----Female A USB lead....like so:

Xacti Cradle Xacti plug-----Female A USB USB A male------USB mini HDD

Now it all works .

I'm not sure why the extra cabling caused an issue but I assume if the Xacti doesn't like USB BUS powered (5V) HDD's but does like the wall powered (6v) ones, it was sensitive to small drops in voltage? Maybe this was a slight issue over the longer run I first tried ......cured by using the more "direct" method?

Either way, it works now. The Xacti Library system is a brilliant one to use to boot :G.

Thanx for all your help .
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