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Default FH1 - another focus issue

I remember a thread about the focus shifting in manual mode when shooting over a long period of time on a tripod.

I calibrated my 35mm adapter with MF focus locked on 15cm. It was wonderful. Nearly a month later, I put the adapter back on (got a sweet smc-m50/1.7 lens) and found focus all messed up! I was bummed, thought my GG screen got loose again.

But in trying to remember my settings, realized I was on AF not MF. Put it back on MF at 15cm, still blurry. Had to push out to 80 cm to get in focus. Arrgh. Then, shut it down, came back on a bit later, and it was blurry again. This time the focus locked in at 30 cm...??? One more time, and it's back at 15cm. another, 30cm. etc.

Is there a firmware update to correct this wandering MF issue?

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To clarify, on either manual focus with AF locked and auto focus with AF locked they both loose focus? Where you set to spot focus or 9 point if that makes a difference. I was under the impression that you had to be in macro when using the adapter or maybe you had to zoom some to reduce vignetting. Whats the distance from the ground glass to the Sanyo's lens? I know the focus on point n shoot cameras can wander when zoomed from doing time-lapse. Have you asked on Vimeo yet?
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Did some shooting today, seems to have resolved itself. Manual focus at 15cm stayed "in" focus throughout the day. Maybe yesterday was just a freak occurrence.

I'm using an achromat (macro) lens so I don't put the camera itself on macro, this allows me to zoom to remove vignetting when desired.

Not sure what the distance is, maybe 2 1/2" or so.
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