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Hello all HD1000 owners with a tripod or other support:

Where is the HD1000's center of gravity, looks like it would be well in front of the threaded hole, and to the left, with the display opened...?

I just got a Hague MMC stabilizer today, sort of a poor man's steadycam - or at least not highly expensive - and tried it with my C6.

Had to add weights to the C6 as it was too light(!) for the max. 0.8 kg rating of the thing. After getting it to balance, the videos look much smoother than handheld. Only thing with the C6, the mounting thread is not under the cg so the camera wiggles quite a bit. Not good.

Now my HD1000 hasn't arrived yet (have ordered it) but it looks to me I might need some sort of balancing plate, in order for the HD1000 + MMC not to misbehave. To balance the steadycam with a given camcorder is quite a delicate task, so that it easy to use and can deliver good results.

So, anyone, does your HD1000 tip over to the front and left if you loosen the tripod's ball joint? Any solutions to this?

A custom plate would be relatively easy to fabricate and I will possibly do this after the camera arrives.
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It is quite obvious from the camera's shape. The camera leans towards the front-right side where is most of the weight (asume is due to the lenses) even with the LCD open.
When let standing on its base, if the LCD is closed it can't keep the balance, falling to the right. When opening the LCD it barely maintains, but I won't leave it as-is to even take a picture, so in short the response is "YES the CG is misplaced out of the center".

But... the Hague minicam seems to have adjustments to cope with that as most of the cams have a misplaced CG specially with the LCD open. Check http://www.vimeo.com/713207
for a short video showing how to balance the Hague thing. The base can be adjusted back and forth to compensate back-front balance while the balance weight can be moved left-right to compensate side balance.

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thanks for your advise. However, in the ideal case the camera's sideways center of gravity should be lined up with MMC's base screw, otherwise the combination will not stay level when turning the rig.

I believe the Merlin works so well because it can be accurately balanced in both directions. Apparently pro's will adjust the balance continually to get best results.

I am ofcourse not aiming that high but it makes sense to make best use of the equipment, so that it is a little bit easier to concentrate on framing and other more important things :-)

Well, I'll get the camera delivered next week and will build a plate that balances the camera with WA lens and without if I can find the needed tools for 1/4-20 thread. It is perhaps easier to use on a tripod as well after the attachment point is under the cg.
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