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yotoad Apr 1, 2008 9:21 AM

after reading through posts and posts on numerous forums, i decided to purchase the hd1000, and i'm excited about working with it -- it comes tomorrow. before i jump headfirst into this, i'm wondering if people like Rev2010 and others could shed some light on how you archive your files. i will be using this camera for my family's home movies, editing them minimally and then loading them into iTunes to watch on our AppleTV.

so, i will have two copies of the files -- one in full HD, the others in the appleTV format automatically done by iTunes.

i will probably be shooting in the 720p 30 or 60fps mode more than 1080i, just because my PC (P4 2.66ghz, 1gig RAM, win xp sp2) doesn't have a lot of processing power (i'll start another thread on whether to stay with PC or go with an iMac :))

i know with my older DV cam i have stacks of tapes and never took the time to convert them over. will i have stacks and stacks of hard drives now?

first time post, long time reader!

Rev2010 Apr 1, 2008 10:00 AM

Well, I backup all my videos to new folders that I keep in My Documents. Like, for my recent Cancun trip I created a folder called Cancun. Under that folder thereis a folder calledPictures and one called Video. I put all my files in there as a backup. Then, what I'm doing now, is I copy the videos to my PS3's hard drive under similarly named folders. Currently I'm doing all my viewing through my PS3 (Xbox 360 works just as well). I think I'll probably upgrade the PS3 hard drive (it's simple to do) to a 320gb model soon. Right now it's 80gb and I still have tons of space but eventually that will run out. 320gb should last a long time. I also have a PC hooked up to my LCD HDTV so if I wanted I could just store and play them on there. And with that I can have terrabytes of space if I wanted.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the Quicktime format. It's a pretty bloated application, especially on the PC end as I personally feel Apple intentionally codes it poorly for the PC. Iswear byWindows Media Player Classic (the file is named mplayer2.exe on your PC).

And no, you won't have stacks of hard drives unless you use reallylow capacityones. If you get one external 500gb hard drive you could store something like close to 4 days of footage. I think you'll be fine with one very large drive. BUT... always have a duplicate drive that is a redundant backup or backup to your PC! Drives fail, it's the nature of the beast. So you wouldn't want all your data lost. When you have free time backup any new data to the backupdrive, or PC,as well.


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