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Erwan Mar 12, 2008 1:46 PM

Hi guys,

I just tested my HD1000 today, and i only have to say : it's all perfect. Nothing to compare with the HD1/1a/2. Really.

With the firmupgrade available on the sanyo website, the quality is better (i'm thinking aboutthe codec h264 upgrade...)

The stabilizer is not dropping the quality anymore ! IMPORTANTEVOLUTION for the poor HD1/HD2 who saw their movies croppedby the stabilizer. Now there's no change, you can obtain a full quality movie while using it !

The CMOS sensor has been well upgraded by sanyo, it's rendering a perfect and clear pictures, even in the dark.

You can edit your movies with Sony Vegas, but you may need to change the container, with "Mp4Cam2AVI" software (no recompression, juste .mp4 changed tp .avi). Sometimes it's very useful !

I can't believe such an evolution in the xacti series... Buy it.

mjclements48 Mar 25, 2008 2:07 PM

Good to hear your satisfaction with your HD1000. I just opened mine up yesterday and am having issues trying to get it to upload the firmware released a while back. I've tried everything and it still won't go into firmware update.

Any thoughts?

Rev2010 Mar 25, 2008 2:28 PM

You might notneed the update. When I purchased mine new a couple of months ago it turned out to have the new firmware already installed so yours might already have it.

There's a thread in here that discussed the way to do the firmware update but you'll have to lookaround for it. I know when I went to install it I wasn't doing something right so it wouldn't go into firmware update mode but I eventually figured it out through reading the info posted. When it finally showed up it turned out mine already had the update.

*EDIT - Here's the thread:;forum_id=27

Lot's of good info, especially on page 2.


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