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Rick after you try connecting the dock to your PC I would download the video off the SD card to your PC and play it from inside the PC to sort out if it is the TV or the Camera/Dock causing the jerky video.
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Sorry I haven't replied back, I've been too busy at work and haven't had any chance to play with the camcorder...doesn't mean I forgot!!

I'll keep everyone posted when I get home and get to play.

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wELL SlAP mE sILLY! If it aint ricketts.

I am in the process of switching jobs and right now am traveling in a car browsing the net and learning more about my 150 dollar s2000hd and my hd1000. I'm becoming a forum gnome until I find that job. My current job allowes me to travel and browse the net.
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Default Your talking about the h.264 flicker arent ya.

Originally Posted by Ricketts View Post
Hi Everyone;

Been checking around, and searched, but can't find any mention of this problem (if it is a problem) anywhere on the web. I apologize in advance for the length of my post.

I just picked up an HD1010 camcorder running a Patriot 16GB Class 6 SDHC card, and have noticed that the video appears to be jerky. This is my first flash card based camcorder, and compared to my ol' Canon miniDV camcorder, when I pan across a scene, or try to hold the camera by hand, there is some jerkiness in the 1010 that is not present in my old Canon DV. I can't really think of the words to describe it, kind of like the jerkiness in watching a youtube video. The picture quality is amazing, though, when not moving the camcorder. I have sunset video from Jamaica that is stunning. But as soon as I move the camera in my hand - jerk jerk...

I am presently running 1080i 60fps as this seems to perform better than 1080p 30fps on my TV (older Hitachi 1080i only). 1080p on my 1010 really seems to be ridden with motion picture style artifacts, even on the camcorder's own viewscreen. Motion stabilizer seems to help, but any abrupt motion gives this "digital" jerkiness.

Thinking it may be an SD card issue, I tried an older 2GB SD high speed (133x) card, but the results were the same.

My settings:

Focus - people, landscape

Focus mode - 9-AF

Exp measure - multi

ISO - auto

White balance - Auto

Exposure - Program

Face Chaser - off

High Sensitivity - off

Digital zoom - off

Image settings - normal

Flicker Reduction - off (tried on and off, no change)

Do all these flash based camcorders produce this type of artifact? I guess what I'm asking, is when you pan your 1010 around (slowly of course) by hand, are your videos utterly smooth, or is there any kind of digital jerks or studders to the image?

Thanks for your help...my first post!!


Youll find that flicker is quite common on all high def cams. Its a shortfall of the h.264 codec. to reduce that flicker i always use the 60i setting on my hd1010. Youll notice that the flicker isnt so bad on cloudy days or inside in good light. but on bright sunny days its much worse. its caused by the cam automaticly adjusting the exposure by increasing the shutter speed. it sets the shutter at a crazy high speed like 1/1000 and then you get the flicker. there is a fix for this in bright light. first get a neutral density filter a 4x should do. then on your camera menu go to exposure and change it to shutter priority and select 1/60 sec. then try your videos in bright sunlight and youll notice a drastic reduction in flicker. I hope this helps

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