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Default HD700 Zoom Motor Failed - Need Advice

I have always taken very good care of the camera. I bought it refurbished from Amazon for $250 so it latest about 1 year. I was zooming some ducks on a lake and all of a sudden the zoom stuck and everything went blurry. It now makes a loud beeping sound so I am guessing the zoom motor has failed. Its $40 just for Sanyo to look at it at the factory repair shop. What would you guys do? Send it in or save the money and just buy a new camera? I can't see what they could possibly fix on it since its so tiny. Thanks
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Send it. HD700 is a good camera.

Next time, don't zoom a duck!
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There are few options:

1. If you don't want to pay anything you could use your camera without zoom, if this is no option for you then you could:

2. Take it to repair shop, cost could be about $50-200, depending what needs to be changed, you can ask this from repair shop.

3. Try to fix it yourself -> Usually you can't. You need zoom motor part or entire lens structure if gears are damaged from lens, part could be hard or impossible to find and manufacturer doesn't sell it separately withour repair cost

4. Buy used model

3. Buy new camera

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You sould ask sanyo will they deduct the 40.00 dignositcs off, You purhcased it refurbbed, and at that time the cam was new around the same price? AI rather get new then refurb for that reason. warranty and knowing my cam is free of defects or not.

1 Opening will void whatever warranty you had, you may fix or damage further.

2 the Motor housing may be closed and just a part.

3 gears are plastic, and that you probably have a broken gear.

4 did you try lightly tapping to see if you can knock back in. or just a fluke.

lets us all know

yeah ebay old one o
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Hi all

I have the same problem and i don't know what i do to resolv the problem...
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