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Bought Sanyo C6- rather shocked at cost of SD cards. Bought a device with a DVD burner and card readers built in (8" x 5" x 3") hoping to just put in SD card and have it make DVDs. Have installed Nero DVD and Ulead software.

Supposedly I should be able, with this, to put in the SD card, hit Windows explorer and drag and drop and viola'- DVD.

Problem 1.- I put SD card in card reader and computer tells me to put in a card (it does not respond as if a card has been inserted.

Problem 2. My XP program does not seem to recognize the camera when connected by docking station as a drive.



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Just because the device has both a card reader and a DVD writer does not necessarily mean thatit can do a direct transfer, but some devices do, so you should check the SW and manual provided with it to see if it is one of them.

Normal process would be to use the DVD creation SW included in Nero or Ulead, to convert your C6 movie into DVD format, and burn the DVD. This process basically re encodes the Videos in Mpeg2 (DVD format).

For XP to recognize the camera as a drive do either of the following:

If you are using the Cradle, plug the Cradle USB cable into your computer, plug the C6 (closed) in the cradle, and then you have a connect button on the cradle that you need to press to establish the connection. You can also plug the C6 into the cradle with the LCD open, and then do the same as below.

If you are using the small adapter, connect the USB cable to the computer, connect the adapter to the cable, connect the C6 to the adapter. Then Open the LCD of the C6, it should bring up a list of connection option. The first one is to make the C6 an external drive on the computer, so simply select it by pressing on the joystick. This should establish your connection.

Once the connection is established, the C6 shows up as an external drive on your computer. Double click on it, and keep selecting the folder until you reach the level where the images / Videos are stored.

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