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I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed with video quality on my Xacti (C6).

The main problem is, I think, the fact that using the image stabiliser is pointless - it seems to make the overall picture worse. Yet without it, handheld video is shaky.

I wondered if anyone has any ideas how to get better video, other than putting it on a tripod which negates the value of a tiny pocketable machine.

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Hold your elbow against your waist (tip from manual) and don't walk while filming, plant your feet, just pivot. Filming while moving looks bad with any device unless it's on a steadicam®.
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I have to agree Caelum here. This device doesn't have much inertia like a larger device which is why any movement tends to look more jerky.

You need to make sure you don't move it more than necessary which is why walking with it, is not a good idea. If you do have to walk with it, do it slowly as if you were trying to creep up on someone. This limits the 'impact' that your legs make to your body. Also don't pan too rapidly either.

If you limit the movement to as little as necessary then you should find the video quality will improve.

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The video quality of my C6 doesn't match up to my 3-chip Sony for sure. But when you consider the camera is almost completely solid state, weighs 5 oz., runs all afternoon on a cellphone battery, and will shoot most social events on a single 1 GB chip, the video quality is more than fine. Mostly it's great because the camera is actually there -- my Sony rarely leaves its case because I won't risk having something happen to a $2,500 camera.

I've found the C6 takes better video once you learn to work around its quirks. For example, I have problems keeping it level, many of my shots look like old Batman episodes. It helps to hold the camera in two hands. I hold the view screen in my left hand between my thumb and forefinger. If inside, don't be afraid to lean on a door frame, or something to hold yourself steady. The autofocus can be slow and inaccurate in low light, but it's easy to lock the focus before shooting. Also with basically SuperVHS resolution try and get more closeups. Long shots don't work as well and tend to show the video noise more. One last quirk that I'm working on is the tendency for over exposure and an autoexposure circuit that is too slow to stop down. It is possible to set the exposure manually, but it's too much of a pain most of the time. Generally I cut the slow exposure changes out of the video when I edit them.

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