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Any experts on digital video editing? I've launched myself into digital video editing after taking 3 hours+ of holiday clips on my C6.
I'm using Sony Vegas to edit them after having converted to .avi files using mp42avi to convert from .mp4.

My question is about how the video should be rendered and how it will look on a CRT TV as my intention is to burn it to play in a regular DVD player.

The C6 takes VGA quality (640/480 pixels) clips at 30fps, so I'm wondering if I should set my Vegas output to NTSC or PAL ([email protected] or [email protected]), or some other setting, and what this would mean in terms of visual quality on my TV.

Will it look awful (stretched /pixilated) on my TV or should I try to keep it in VGA format if that is possible?

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I'm an Avid Editor and I used Avid Xpress Pro to import my C6 clips and it took 2 days of transcoding. This was for only 45 minutes of video at the most. NTSC will indeed stretch the image slightly but the quality won't be altered that much, it's more of the perspective that you will have to get used to (which won't be a big deal to anyone who hasn't seen the original video). You can always scale the video back to 640 x 480 and the black bars will not be visible on a regular CRT TV, but you WILL notice it on your computer monitor. If you have a CRT monitor connected to your editing station you'll be able to experiment and see this.
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I just imported about a half hour of sample clips into iMovie, and then burned them onto a DVD with iDVD. The transcoding process was about real-time on a new iMac G5 (1 min for every min of video). The results looked better on the TV than on the computer, as expected, and close to what I'd gotten from a mini-DV camera (TRV-11).

I did not notice any pixellation or stretching when watching the resulting DVD on TV.

The process was perfectly seamless in OSX -- I imported the files using iPhoto, dragged them to the clips window in iMovie, and from that point just used iMovie as normal.

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