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Default Just purchased a camera stabalizer.

Hello! Just want to let you guys know that I tried 2 budget camera stabalizer: Manfrotto 585 and the hague mmc. I was able to balance both cameras. I love the manfrotto 585 due to its design and I love the hague mmc due to the result. I stayed with the hague mmc because it is simply an amazing aid to your videography and the results are much better. Well worth it. I also use my "homemade steadicam" as a backup. Even though I managed to get my homemade design working really well, being able to use a specifically designed item helps alot especially in certain shots where precission is required.

Im posting some pictures here. I purchased 4 items but only one is needed. The hague mmc by itself is fine but I realized that if i add stuff to the camera, the balance correction aluminum plate is needed to further help extend the balancing. I also purchased a quick release adaptor so I wont need to readjust the camera and stabalizer all the time. All I do now is slip it on and it locks in place and no need to rebalance. I also grabbed a hoodman hd300 for sunny days and it looks "cute!" The gimble is a carborator linkage and since it's small, friction is less and the results are smooth and excellent. Since there are lots of videos on youtube with mmc hague, ill post a link here.

btw, my results come out better than this guy since My hand is very steady. I also have image stabalizer enabled because it helps.




Few questions! I need a semifisheye or a fisheye, what do you guys recommend, are the cheap 30 dollar ones from china worth it or should I just break wallet open for a sanyo original?

what lighting or mic do you guys use? I am thinking of using lighting and external mic for proffesional use but something that will not leave me broke?

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here is a quick pick
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Wow sweet Cresho! I like that!

As for fisheyes, I bought a cheap "Professional Digital". It does require a step up ring and unfortunately DOES cause a bit of vignetting, but for $70 less than the official Sanyo brand, I'll take it.
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this looks amazing!

i want one!

will they work with the heavier HD1010 and Hd2000?
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why yes it can
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Default From the hs10 thread

Originally Posted by Cresho View Post
you are correct in every aspect staat.

did you get a look at my eye piece for the hd1000?
it is an excellent option http://forums.steves-digicams.com/sanyo/155267-just-purchased-camera-stabalizer.html

its called a hoodman.

one more look at one closer but make sure you find the right size
OK now we're not out of bounds. ;>)

Yes this looks very interesting. The steadycam thing actually works?

Very geeky looking!

There's something odd when the rig you're holding the camera with dwarfs the camera! Technology ...

The tent/hood thing for the lcd screen might be a bit much though.

The whole setup is reminiscent of a saddle on a Chihuahua ...
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Try getting into an amusement park like Disneyland with that rig. They'd have SWAT hauling you away Seriously though I'd like to finish the homemade rig I was working on. Even just a heavy bar with a plate to attach the camera makes a big difference.
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I had a homemade one. Worked better than this one I bought. It took me a whole week to do it so i figured buying one would save me time. I am happy with the current setup I have.

I been busy at the fuji forums lately. It's been a while since I been here.
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