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I have used Sanyo Xacti HD1000 for quite some time now, and have filled up a couple of 80GB external USB HDDs. What I want to do now is buy a new HDD of 1TB storage, and copy all contents from both disks into this new one (and then get rid of the two older disks). The problem I see is that in the root folder of each drive there is an INDEX.PVM file, that contains pointers to the files of each drive, but I can't copy both to the new drive, so is there a way to re-create a new "merged" INDEX.PVM file in the new disk, pointing to all files originating from both disks?

Thanks in advance,

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Trying opening thePVM file in a standard text editor like Wordpad or Wordto see if it's a standard text file. If it is you can likely just add the pointers manually.

Do you absolutely need to play the files back through the HD1000? If not it won't matter if you throw all the data onto one drive. If you do need to playback through the HD1000 you can also try backing up the PVM files to your PC, deleting them off the drives, and seeing if the HD1000 recreates a new PVM file. If it does then great, just delete the PVM's, dump all the data to the larger drive, and let it create a new PVM. If it doesn't you can recopy the backups to the drives.

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Hi Rev, thanks for your reply. I just opened one INDEX.PVM file with Notepad and it appears it's an XML file, see below the type of content. I only see references to the created Albums, not the media files themselves, so it appears it could be easy to edit and adjust.

Another question would be, do you know if there is a way in the HD1000 to specify a particular Folder in the HDD to save files to, instead of the root of the HDD drive?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<mpv:ManifestLink mpv:id="ID000001">
<mpv:ManifestLink mpv:id="ID000002">

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