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denden2007 Aug 30, 2007 2:56 AM

Hi guys!

Does anyone know PC software to natively edit standard definition h264 AVC without decoding-edit-encoding procedure? I've found Quicktime Pro can do that, but it is too limited in functions. Probably iMovie should do that but I don't have a Mac.
Is it possible to configure Sony Vegas or any other software to acomplish this task?
All I want to do is to join, cut and add text comments without re-encoding, I assume it is not impossible since Quicktime can do it quickly and easily.

Thank you!

Caelum Aug 30, 2007 9:49 AM

I don't know of an advanced non-destructive cut/join editing tool.There isSquared5's free Streamclip(it's like a free, betterversion of Quicktime Pro) but's it's not much different than QT Pro for editing. But it's not possible to add text overlays or do any other kind of video editing beyond simple cutting/joiningwithout decoding/re-encoding.Even just adding text "cuts" into the videowould require encoding. I use Sony Vegas for video editing, it decodes/encodes,mosttrue video editing software does (including iMovie). For simple cuts/joins I tend to use the camera's built-in feature.

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