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I've noticed that the audio in MP4CAM2AVI can be set as 'source', 'MP3' or 'PCM'...I think mine's defaulted to MP3.....are there any benefits from the other two, or which one is the best for footage from a C5/C6??

Many thanks

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It all depends on what you want to do with the video after the conversion with MP4CAM2AVI.

If you just want to play the MP4 file in your computer without doing anything to it, you don't need MP4CAM2AVI, as long as your player/ codec support MP4 playing.

Most people use MP4CAM2AVI because they want to convert the MP4 file to something else - most often for editing purpose and DVD burning, but their editing/ DVD burning software does not support MP4 video and AAC audio. Therefore you need to "convert" the MP4 into another intermediate format that their software can recognize.

Leaving it as "source" (AAC) does not work in this situation because their DVD SW may not support it - remember if either the audio or video format is not supported, the video file will not load into the SW.

I would use "PCM" (uncompressed, or WAV) - this ensures the original audio soundtrack in AAC format is not changed in any way. Remember, everytime you make a "conversion" to another "compressed" format, the original data will be changed and some data will be lost. Also, remember that the audio data will not be miraculously "enhanced" when you change to an uncompressed format: what you get is what you start with, PCM only ensures there is no further loss of the original quality.

MP3 is another compressed format most (but not all, unlike PCM) SW would recognize. Problem is: say when you want to burn the video to DVD afterwards, if you first convert the AAC audio to MP3, then let the DVD burning SW to convert it again to MPEG-2 layer III, the audio will be compressed twice.

I only recommend PCM as an intermediate format, because the audio track produced is HUGE. As I said, there is no benefit to leave the audio in PCM because you won't get better sound quality than the original.

The official North American version of C6 comes with Ulead Movie Factory 4 which supports MP4 and AAC (it says specifically "for Sanyo Xacti C6"). You can do basic editing and DVD burning, without using MP4CAM2AVI. It should suffice to most people apart from digital video enthusiasts.
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Thanks for the comprehensive reply!

I was worried that PCM might make large files, so up till now I've been going for MP3...it was this double compression that concerned me....a shame a lot of programs don't support MP4 by default....I've got Ulead Music Factory 4 (shop bought), and will have a look to see if the version that comes with the C6 offers that same facilities AND MP4 support. If so, I can just use that one!
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