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Hey, I have a question about the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format that the Xacti HD1000 uses. I was wondering how much power (CPU, GPU, RAM, etc.) a computer needs to edit or process this kind of video. I've been looking into getting the HD1000 but want to know what kind of computer I will need to edit the video. If and when I get it I would use it mostly in 720p (60 fps) mode and would edit it on a mac with iMovie 6, iMovie '08, or Final Cut Express 4. If anyone has any experience in this area and could let me know what you recomend for this kind of thing then I would really appreciate it.
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Hi, I do not own a HD1000 but a HD700.

I play/edit on my laptop which is a AMD 1.6ghz, 2gb ram, ATI Express Graphics.

So nothing special. When i 1st tried to play H.264 videos from the xacti they chugged along and would sometimes get stuck on a frame. But i downloaded the new version of the K-Lite codec pack and that seemed to sort the problem of playing.

As for editting i have tried a few programs.. Premiere, Vegas movie studio, Ulead etc

And some had problems playing the previews smoothly,and some didnt, i suppose its just how processor hungry they are!

Sorry this is all on windows so it may not be relevant but i thought i would say incase it helped! Also i believe 720p 60fps uses 12mbps stream which would need more processing power than the HD700's 9mbps 720p stream.

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Thanks for the info. The reason I ask is that if and when I get a HD1000 I'll need to get a new computer as well since none of the ones that I have right now are powerful enough. If and when I do get a computer, I'm thinking about getting the Apple MacBook Air (1.6GHz, 80 HDD) which I know isn't that powerful a computer by today's standards but since I'll be coming from a iBook G4 (1.42GHz PowerPC, 512 MB of RAM) I'm sure that it'll be plenty fast. According to Sanyo's specifications for the HD1000 the MacBook Air is compatible with the camera but I'm just wondering how the performance will be. If I do edit any video it'll most likely be like just cutting videos to size, adding a few transitions/titles, and some background music. I don't do video editing for a living, it's more of a hobby, so I will most likely be working with iMovie but asked about Final Cut Express since eventually I may want to upgrade to some thing like that. If you or someone could let me know if the MacBook Air would be good or good enough for editing the HD1000's video then that would be great.
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If memory serves me correctly imovie 06 re-compresses the files imported to the size of the project properties (my case was hdv 1080i) which helps in editing. I have a white (not the new silver) imac 2Ghz that edits 1080i samples from the hd1000 without any issues, the effects take some time even with a 2Ghz so a 1.6Ghz is not going to be fast. I found my 2.8Ghz intel (admittedly a cheap pentuim core2duo) doesn't deal with editing on the hd700 on ulead videostudio and adobe premiere elements very well, editing is easier on the mac.
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If you are getting a new PC surely it will be powerful enough unless you want to pay the minimum.

The cost difference between a powerful and an entry level PC is so small nowadays it is not worth saving a couple of hundred dollars.

Get at least a Dual core CPU, 2G of ram and and decent display card (even an entry/medium level will do) and of course a large harddisk. That is about the minimum hardware you need.
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