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10smom Apr 30, 2006 12:02 PM

Hi I have the HD1 now and have done some video and pictures with it while on a scenic mountain bike trip in Utah. Here are my questions: 1. Will I need special software for transfering video to mack and for using imovie or final cut for my videos? 2. I see there is a lense adaptor for the HD1 , specificly what lenses can I use with that adaptor on hd1? Could you please include link? 3. Can I get a powerful external mic for HD1 that is more powerful, would really love wireless if that is possible with this camera? Please include link. 4. We will be taping in a poorly lighted church for my son's graduation any ideas for helping the quality? 5. For HD do I need to buy HD dvd's to put the hd video on for viewing and do I need to have HD DVD player for viewing? Can I put HD footage and stardard footage together while editing and put on stardard DVD for viewing on standard DVD player? 6. I would like to just drag in drop my video into an external hard drive for future editing on my mac, do I need special software for this or do I just drag and drop? Can I edit footage from my external hd or do I need to tranfer to mac hd for editing?Thanks for your help

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