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Sony do have a lot of marketing hype about their new CMOS sensor technology, so maybe it really does work Certainly the HD1000 was lagging in that area. Hopefully the next generation sensors will be even better - there are some pretty good ideas I am reading about these days. See for example:

If only the HD700 had the same sensor as my Kodak V1073. If only... I could put up with the crummy HD700 lens...

My suspicion is that Sony is pretty far along with new technologies too. See for example this press release:

Thanks for your review, I found it extremely thorough and useful

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Hi, Tummy,

what about compression artifacts?

What is the best sony or sanyo?

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Default useful tips

Originally Posted by Tummy View Post
The HD1010 is arriving tomorrow, hopefully before we leave for July 4th weekend in Philly this year. I still have my Sony TG1 and after I directly compare the cameras, one of them is going to be returned.

I've been having a lot of trouble viewing the AVCHD video from the Sony on my computer. I finally bought Toast Titanium and found the video player able to play the files. Unfortunately my Macbook Air is too slow without dropping most of the frames. When I convert the files using Toast, the interlacing looks very annoying and I haven't found a setting to remove it without making the videos look very soft.

I find it highly annoying that there is no progressive mode on the TG1, especially since I mainly view the videos on my computer and share videos with my family over the web. I'm only home on the weekends so my secondary viewing is on the PS3 on my HDTV. The MTS files from the TG1 play on the PS3, but there is a couple second delay before each clip plays.

actually the problems you mentioned here can be easily solved by moyea video converter.

it can convert among almost video and audio formats with high fast conversion speed and excellent output quality, and it has the special function, deinterlacing effect, to help you reduce the interlacing, so if you still are annoyed with those problems, you can try this one...

good luck!
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I just got my Sanyo HD1010 from Amazon today..I was looking at all Tummys videos on Vimeo.com and am excited about using this camera..I am a Newbie to this handheld camcorder but I like what I see in the videos..I am sure Tummy has quite abit of experience,and I am gonna go slow before I post any videos,hehe..Its good to be here and I am sure I can learn alot from all you guys...Thanks
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