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Store: BH Photo Video 34st 9 ave. NY NY

Items purchased:

Sanyo CG65 = 350$

Impact 0.45x Wide Angle Lens Adaptor (magnetic) = 25$

Sandisk Ultra II 4.0 GB Card = 67$

Initial Impressions:

I initially had to wait for about 4 hours to charge the battery. Even though "the light" went out on the charger after ~ 2 hours I left it in another 2 hours to maximize the battery's range. I remember reading somewhere that this is how you "format" a Lithium ion battery. It's a one time process, after which you can charge it whenever you want.

Chapter One

First thing i did was test out the card, which was fully compatible. I would also like to note that there is a [glow=red]significant difference[/glow] between a class 2 sdhc card and an Ultra II (dont know what class this falls under).

For those who dont know a class 2 card is the standard know in terms of read write speed. Class 6 is the equivalent to 133x (Dont kill me if im wrong about this).

I had a 2gb lexar class 2 card on me and it would take an extra 5 secs to write to the camera after i pressed the stop button. With the Ultra II it writes on the fly with no buffering. So shell out the extra 10$ for your own peace of mind and convenience.

Chapter Two

When I first saw this model in "person" at BH I was amazed at its size. TINY, MINISCULE, etc. Very, very,very portable. When I got home i was still amazed at its size. Ok enough of that.

The screen is great, bright, and big 2.5 " is wonderful (coming from a sony dsc f717 1.8" screen)

I also remarked at the fact that unlike older models of this type, the CG65 has one side wall (opposite the screen) that's purely structural and not functional (ex. battery cover). This is great for sticking, pasting on some velcro and attaching the camcorder to almost anything (helmets for example).

Tripod mount a plus in my book.

Lens cap is great idea.

Chapter Three

Using the wide angle lens.

This thing is about the best you can get for the CG65. The way it works is quite ingenious. Since the CG65 has no thread, magnetic force is the way to go. The lens comes in two parts, the lens itself and an adhesive metal ring that you fixate onto the base of the CG65's lens. You wait 15 min until the glue drys then you just bring the wide angle close to the ring and see how it magneticallt sticks to it.

You might be wondering how strong the magnet is. ITS STRONG! and I felt comfortable using the camcorder unafraid of the wide angle falling off. Also some might ask does the magnet affect video quality or the mechanics of the camcorder. IT DOESN'T!

TWO DISADVANTAGES: 1) when filming you'll see JUST the corners of your image, rounded off due to the wide angle lens length, at wide zoom. (also unavoidable barrel distortion will be encountered but negligable in my opinion)

2) When taking photos (forgetting you have the wide angle lens on) and using the flash; your photos will come out like crap due to the flash being blocked by the lens.

[Side note: When filming you cant use the flash if you want to take an "in movie" photo]

Chapter Four

Menu Nav. is very reminiscent of my Sony f717. Very easy to use and a great option is the "QUICK BUTTONS" which lets you program the joystick (North, South, East, West) to accessable functions such as AF LOCK, EV comp, etc. Great feature!

Chapter Five

Picture quality. Daytime =EXCELLENT, 2 Lamps ina darkroom =Reasonable, one lamp = gritty. (mayI remind you now about the Price and portablility "plus points"). In your house at about 7pm in the evening, sun going down, reasonable light = filming is good.

Chapter Six

Battery life. Get a second one. End of Chapter.

P.S. USB charging a big plus in my book. You can have one battery in the separate charger and one in the camera. Both charging at same time.

Chapter Seven

Digital Still capability.

Outdoor = great, Indoor with indirect sunlight = Good (acceptable), Indoor at night with 2 lamps = Good with flash, Bad w/o, but in both indoor cases the autofocus hunts for 2-3 seconds, so no action shots indoor ("INDOOR ACTION" funny!).

[Side note: The flash is very weak, so get close to whom ever you wish to photo] Its good to about 1.25 meters.

Well I think I'll pick-up on this "book" later, after I've played with the camera some more. Samples to follow.

Thank you.
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Nice review, what wide angle lens are you talking about?
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do you have any video samples of the wide angle lens, sounds interesting!!!
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I'll get some samples when i have more time. And stuff to film, but i can tell you the wide angle lens is made by Impact and its 0.45x like i wrote at the very beginning
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