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bearZ Jun 1, 2014 1:00 AM

My sanyo camera won't turn on help anyone?
ok i just got my camera today and haven't used it yet ugh! so ok i looked at it for awhile and just try to see whats all on it then i charged it for awhile then i took it off the charger and put it my camera which it was working perfectly fine then i try to take a pic then it blank out then went to normal then blank out again then the screen was black but still on waiting for awhile i turned it off then try again same thing happened but this time when i tried to turn it off it wouldn't so i just took the battery out then it got hot when i place the battery back in the camera,the battery and the camera both got hot and im im here disappointed that now my brand new camera won't turn on im so mad and i keep annoying my mom and she's telling me about returning it but this was the last one i can't wait omg what can i do? really whats wrong with this camera? oh yeah one more thing the lens didn't close when it shut off so it's still poking out what does this mean?


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