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I have been looking for a small solid state camera for some time, and though (think) that the Sanyo Xacti HD2 is the camera that I am looking for.

The camera produces okay sound with a dynamic microphone butdynamil microphonesare bulky and the level is not quite high enough.

So, Ipurchased a small stereo plug in power microphone for it, as recommended in the instruction manual. I chose an audio technica AT9643, at about 50 USD.

But when I use the plug in power microphone I get a lot of clicks that make the sound unusable.

Here is a demonstration of the clicks. This is a 2MB swif file
This is the full 34MB original.

the clicks occur when I move the hand touching the camera, stroking the camera as it were. Even though the microphone leads were swaying, this swaying did not cause the clicks to occur.

In other words the clicks are not a result of mechanically interupting the microphone cable, nor that I am physically bumping into the microphone, but rather due to some sort of interference picked up by my hand from the camera itself.

I am using two ferrite core things through which I have looped (twice) the adapter and the microphone lead.

Other people have mentioned clicks on other forums. Is there any solution?

This is a screen shot of the clicky audio in Sony Vegas

The clicks arethe high voltage spikes.

Perhaps if I paid somene to make a thick shielded cable?

This is really important because the whole reason I bought the camera was since I have a need for a small camera with a microphone.

I have posted this problem to a couple of forums.

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Old Oct 24, 2008, 5:33 PM   #2
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This was eventually cured by getting it repaired. Apparently there were TWO faults. one was mechanical - the camera came back with a new firmer jack socket and one which was internal. It works fine now.
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I was about to say that....
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