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Patrick_V Mar 30, 2009 12:52 AM


I have a big problem with my new Sanyo Xacti HD1010 an my Mac.
Any movie clip recorder with the camera does not play smooth on my Mac. The camera records in H264 MPEG 4 and from my knowledge Quicktime is able to play this. I can also play H264 Demo clips from the apple homepage in 1920x1080 but everything from the Sanyo is ot runnning smooth.
The Problem ist that you can see small jumps in horizontal moves. It looks a bit like a framedrop.

I already downladed any possible encoder and converter, tried Final Cut Express, iMovie, VLC, MPlayer and so on. It is all the same, the same problems stays in every file, even if I converted it.

I think is not a performance problem, since I´m able to playback other HD files smoothly.
And it is also no Problem of the SD Card or the camera. I already exchanged clips with other on the web. They can palyback my Sanyo Clips but I cannot playback their clips.
The strange thing is, that some people see the same problem like I do, and some not.

I also loaded the same clips to a windows computer using the Nero 8 software Sanyo ships with the camera. Everything is fine there.

I also went to my apple dealer already and we run my clips on different computers ther, with the same problem. And it was not different on the "stronger" machines.

So I think that it might be a codec issue, but I think I downloaded any possible codec already.
Or is it maybe because I did not update to iLife 09?

Im running a Mac Book 3Ghz, OSX 10.5.6 and Quicktime Pro in the latest release. I just got Final Cut Express, but it also shows the same problem.

I´m very frustrated already.......

Is there anybody who knows about a problem like this and might be able to help me?

Cresho Mar 30, 2009 1:36 AM

1. You are not stating what you are recording at. you said 1080 but is it p or i? First off, this mac is not powerfull enough to do 1080 so I suggest you buy a new mac and make them a bit richer. You also did not state if you are playing off the camera or off the sd card on the laptop or the hardisk.

Okay! This is what I think:

Your macbook pro and quicktime is okay by other standards but not xacti. In order for you to playback the xacti files, you need to have a software player that uses the gpu for playback You are using cpu juice and this is not enough.

For you codec...just because you can play back HD 1080, this does not mean all will play. You need to consider the decoder. Is it hardware accelerated? what speed bitrate is optimal enough for playback? anyway! you have a problem.

Apple released mac book pro's in 2 flavors that has a special build of max OS X in it's new line that actually takes advantage of this extra step. The other build is crap and uses software acceleration or emulation.

DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! open up your cpu meter and run a xacti hd video. If it hits 100%, then you are in deep crap! Your software or mac os X is not using the GPU to decode the video clip. You may need to update your software.

If your cpu benches max at 100%, when you play back video, come back and post...i might have a solution.

Cresho Mar 30, 2009 6:55 PM

I forgot to mention my cpu usage on windows without acceleration is 30% AND ALSO IN LINUX in one of the cores. If it has GPU enabled, I have 0% cpu usage playing back [email protected]

Patrick_V Mar 31, 2009 6:48 AM


actually it does not make any difference with p or i files. The only difference are ugly interlacing stripes. So my main interest is playing back 1080 30p files.

That my mac is not powerfull enough was my first thought also, but it is for sure not a peformance problem. My CPU usage is between 55% and 70%. So there is enough headroom.

I also created a new user to make sure that I do not have any other processes runnign, but with the same result.

And I took my files to a Mac store an we played them on several computers including the newest and fastest Mac Book Pro and as well on a quad core G5. Always the same result.

So I think it is not a peformance Problem.

The workflow for playing the files ist the following:

record it on SD Card (20mbs card) - take the card into a card reader and copy them on my internal Harddrive - playback straight from the harddrive
(the files are in a folder on my desktop)

I also imported the clips with iPhoto onto my hardrive, but this is the same like getting them from the SD Card.


Cresho Mar 31, 2009 9:56 AM

This sounds more like a data transfer rate problem but could also be a software issue with video decoding. you might have a small bug somewhere.

can you post your player version and also operating system version? Even list the codec versions if possible.

Patrick_V Mar 31, 2009 10:06 AM

I´m using Mac OS X 10.5.6 with a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo and 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. The RAM is splittet in two bloccks with 1 GB each. My Quicktime Pro is Version 7.6 (472.

I have a 118 GB TOSHIBA MK1234GSX Media Harddrive with Serial ATA 2 connection.

I just tried to figure out if maybe my Ram is not enough for a Clip like that. But in the System Profiler it always shows that there is still 1 GB of Ram free, but the usage Bar is going up pretty high.

Cresho Mar 31, 2009 6:10 PM

Okay! I have your answer or answers. I'm going to break it into 4 parts.

1. about hardware
2. about software
3. the xacti mp4 file
4. a solution

We been discussing this for a bit and we have already figured out that there are 3 things going on here, Your hardware was not discussed in full. Macbooks comes in many different hardware configurations and also have many types of software os versions and quicktime versions.

Your hadware needs to be compliant with a gpu that is capable of such video playback. You have the cpu, you have superb memory capacity, but your graphics card was not mentioned. If you have a 9400m or a dual 9400m or a 9600m, you are most likely okay. I you do not have a nvidia gpu chipset, then this is definetly your problem

Your software needs to be compliant as well. You stated 80% cpu usage. Of course anybody will tell you that this means nothing. the graphics onboard memory is what gets the data and spits it on your monitor. If it has no sufficient graphics memory or decoding capacity, then you are not going to get fluid motion. Here is an example: When I am editing video in vegas, i play back the picture on it's viewer and its around 12 fps or less. WHen viewing high definition video playback such as [email protected], the video is very choppy on a none gpu accelerated video player and my cpu usage is around 40-70%. Your graphics card does the video decoding. If you have the above stated nvidia m series chipsets, then we are left with the software for playback. you stated 10.5.6 but you will need to wait for snow leopard as this will have gpu accelerated video playback and utilize the full power of your laptop that is (if you have nvidia m series) capable of video editing the raw files of xacti in it's full potential video playback.

Now lets talk about the codec. Think of your xacti files as negatives of a film They are really negatives or something you would call RAW for photography. Raw's are converted to jpeg and these mp4 that xacti spits out are just that...raw. no video editor at the moment is capable of such editing easily without dealing with choppy previews and audio sync issues. This is why my vegas video in windows can load the clip just right and also include some of the most horrible decoding of red blocks of 5x5 pixel artifacts I have evern seen. THis is why I use winff to convert my videos to mpg1 video and mp3 audio. Vegas then sees these videos, plays them better and is easier to work with and this comes to our last step....your editing and playback.

Now that we know what is going on with your laptop, I highly recommend this and others in this forum will tell you. This is the solution you have and in my opinion the best cut/join editor and preediting you can use for your favorite video editing on your mac such as the item you purchased.

mpeg streamclip is free and is made by macfans who want nothing to provide for the community but the best little editor ever for quicktime, mp4, h264, avchd. THis is an awsome free software and quality does scream out of this cut/joiner

Your workflow is now
xacti mp4->mpeg streamclip->final cut express->to what ever you want

you load the xacti files in, you then export to quicktime compliant video. You may need to play with the type just a little but you will feel right at home with this process once you find exactly what you want to see.

Patrick_V Apr 1, 2009 7:49 AM


thanks a lot for the detailed Information.
This seems pretty clear to me. And you are maybe right that my grafic card is not strong enough.
From my System Information I have a GMA 950 Chipset with 64 MB RAM and 32 bit Color Space. And this Card supports Quartz Extreme.
My BacBook Screen has a resolution of 1280x800.

The strange thing wich I do not understand is that I can play HD files in H264 Codec from the apple Homepage without any Problems. And the other thing is that if I play back Pal Clips (640x480) shoot with the Xacti, I have the same stuttering video as with the HD files. And this is far away from HD.

Can you give me more detailed information on the settings of streamclip please? I´m not sure wich format the mentioned quicktime compliant video is? I can only find the quicktime intermediate, or is it because my sysrtem is in german and is has a different name?


Cresho Apr 1, 2009 11:25 AM

all I can tell you is open your file, then hit file->export to quicktime. then you have options to what you want to encode it as and at what quality, size, resolution, framerate, audio codec. This part i leave to you since it needs to match your original file resolution, framerate, etc.

nnnial Apr 26, 2009 9:40 PM

I have just purchased this camera, but it has yet to arrive. If you read the Macworld review , it says that the 1080i 60fps

"resolution isn't currently compatible with the Mac. (Sanyo does state on the product's Web site that this resolution isn't Mac compatible.)"

Hope this helps.

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