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(1) To import multiple clips into MF

It is best if you put all the clips in the same folder

Click top left icon with roll of film ("Add video file"), go to the folder with the clips

Press <Crtl> <A> buttons together to highlight and choose ALL the clips in the folder, click [OK]

A new window pops up [change clip sequence] - click on a clip name and hold the button, and drag it up/ down to change its position in the sequence. Click [OK]

You should now see thumbnails of all the clips appearing across the bottom

(2) Simple editing - removing unwanted segments (you must do editing before joining the clips)

click on the thumbnail of the clip

use mouse to move slider and/or jog wheel (to the right of counter) to travel across different parts of the video

use [<-] and [->] buttons to "mark in" and "mark out" points you want to start and finish the segment you want to keep

click [scissors] icon - this will keep the segment you want (a thumbnail appears) and remove the rest of the video. You can move the slider to another position further on and make another segment to keep

(3) Join the clips into one video (otherwise you cannot do DVD authoring - creating chapters and menu) - NOTE: you must edit individual clips before joining them, can't do this after joining

Hold <Ctrl> button and use mouse to click and hightlight ALL the thumbnails of the clips (which will turn blue or dark color)

Click on the little double-arrow down icon to the right of "Add/ Edit chapter" to get a new menu - choose "join video"

Now only one video thumbnail is left at the bottom

(you can also "enhance video" with scene transition tricks etc - under "Edit Media" (double-arrow down icon) - explore yourself!)

(4) Creating menu and chapters

Click "Add/ edit chapters" - a new window pops up

Move along the video (with slider/ wheel) to specific scenes (eg. beginning of different clip), and click "Add chapter"

New thumbnails will appear across the bottom - these marked locations will appear in the menu (see (5))

You can also use "Auto add chapter" function (see descriptions of individual options) to save time making chapters - this is most helpful if you are doing a DVD rip of a long movie. Making a lot of "chapters" with marked locations means that you can use your [Next chapter] / [Previous chapter] buttons on the DVD player to quickly skip several minutes of movie forward/ backward instantaneously, without using [FF] or [REV] buttons and have to wait for the scenes to fly by.

If you use this auto function, it will create way too many cluttering "chapters" that are visible on your menu - in this case, click on the thumbnails of the scenes you DON'T want to appear on the menu and click [Hide] button, a small mark appears at the bottom left corner of the thumbnails. They will now not appear on the menu, but their will only function for your [Next chapter] / [Previous chapter] buttons

(5) Making menu ("window dressing")

Click [Next>] button at bottom right

You can have a "Title menu" (Main menu) and a "Chapter menu" (submenu) - I find that home movies are not as complicated as commercial movies, with all those "behind-the-scenes" "interviews" "bonus" etc., so I usually don't bother making a "Title menu" - [Advance settings] - unclick "Add title menu"

[Layout settings] - if you want all pages of the menu to look the same, click "Apply to all pages of this menu"

choose your template (click on the arrow of the menu and choose "ALL" to see all available styles)

(unclick "Motion menu" will save youtens ofMB of disk space)

[Customize] - new window pops up: note "Layout" in the drop-down menu of "customize template" - you can choose how many chapter thumbnails to appear on each page of the menu

(6) To complete the process ...

Click [Next>]

A preview menu lets you test your layout (click on those virtual DVD player buttons!)

Click [Next>] if you are happy with the chapters/ menu you created

Last page shows the DVD burner location (important if you have > 1 burner), before you burn

** If the final video size is greater than a DVD disk capacity, MF will give you one of two extra options:

If the final video is not too much oversized - the bottom left disk icon lights up ("Reduce size to fit a DVD"): clicking it will cause the program to slightly reduce the quality of the video to "make it fit"

If the final video is way too large for the DVD disk, and clicking this icon gives a message that it is not possible to shrink it to fit, you are given a second option to save the final video files onto the hard drive - DO THAT!

and then use a second Ulead program that is installed with the Movie Factory, called Ulead DVD Tweak and Fit, to do the final shrinking (in the first Movie Factory Launcher page, choose "Copy or Fit Disc" - "DVD Tweak & Fit")

(this program is easy - I won't go through all the keystrokes - basically you open the folder called "VIDEO_TS" created by MF that contains the DVD video file, and this program will automatically shrink it to fit a DVD, telling you how much shrinking (% of original) has been done)
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