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Default Olympus C730 any users ?

Are there any users of the Olympus C730, I have not had any luck trying to find a user group for this camera.
Also can anybody explain why Olympus seem to have great features in general but also very confusing, the C730 with it's x 10 zoom seems very interesting, but I wonder what problems are associated with this magnification, for instance for an extra $400 you get the C50 and jump from a 3mp + to a 5mp camera, with Super Macro down to 1", but only x3 zoom, does this suggest big zoom power might be a bit of a trade off, and you can get the C4000 for the same price as the C730 this is a 4mp camera but again only x3 zoom.
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Problems with 10 zoom? Well I own this camera and the Olympus lens' seem to be very good to me and I can get very good images at full zoom.

The biggest problem you will hear about is the difficulty in getting sharp images at full zoom in low light. This is because if you are holding the camera in your hands, any camera shake will be magnified 10, and when you use a low shutter speed (below about 1/30sec for me) you image becomes slightly blury. There are obviously ways to minimise camera shake like brasing your arms on something or using a tripod.

You'll have to consider if the difference between 3MP and 5MP willl mean anything to you personally, and his really comes down to whether you print your photos or not. A 3MP camera is more than enough for viewing photos on your computer and will happily print photos up to 10"8" will no loss of quality (and you will probably be able to print a bit higher without noticing any resolution problems too)

As for macro, the C-730 also offers a super macro mode which even though it's rated at 40mm, I find that I can get as close as 1" from a subject.

There is a group of people out there that often complain about this camera (mainly because of it's relatively poor low light focusing capabilities and noise) but I just love it. I wanted to move up a step, away from point 'n' shoot models, and have the extra zoom whithout spending too much money and this camera just fits my needs perfectly.

Well, I hope that helps a bit.


(P.S. You seem to have posted this message in the wrong forum, you may want to contact a moderator and ask if it's possible to move it to the Olympus section to get more responses)
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