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goody11 Sep 4, 2011 12:24 AM

PLEASE HELP: Audio recording is mere 128 kbps AAC in VPC-HD2000A
Greetings. I have purchased Sanyo VPC-HD2000A and Sanyo VPC-HD1010 camcorders but I am facing a very big problem in the audio recording quality which is only a mere 128 kbps AAC even in the videos recorded at full 1080p 24 Mbps quality. The 128 kbps audio cracks and does not sound good due to such a low bitrate. The 1080p video quality is quite satisfactory but this petty 128 kbps audio recording quality really makes the recorded videos unusable for video editing. It is SHOCKING to see that it records video in 24,000 kbps quality and audio in only 128 kbps quality. This is extremely disppointing.

Since there is no setting to increase the audio quality, this makes both the camcorders unusable for any decent recordings. Please provide a solution so that I can increase the audio quality in the video recording to 320 kbps AAC. A firmware update or whatever possible. Otherwise I can never buy Sanyo camcorders again and at present I have invested heavily in them so don't have finances to buy another one.

Do all the other new HD Xacti camcorders released after 2000A also record only in 128 kbps AAC audio? If so this is big flaw in the Sanyo camcorders which needs to be corrected immediately. If you cannot help me, please suggest me an email or phone of someone in Sanyo who can help me with this problem.

Thanking you very much in advance.

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