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Default Polarbear timelapse with Xacti

Hello Forum Friends/ Xacti Lovers,

For a nice effect we can get timelapse by speeding up the MPG4 clips in Sony Vegas(9) 12 times.
But for even better (longer) timelapses, I am very curious if someone knows: a wireless timelapse remote controle, able to learn universal IR codes of Xacti remote so we can take loads of HD size photo's.
If not yet for sale hope some manufacturer reads this and starts producing. Or we apply for a volontier pressing the Xacti HD2000 remote for a (some) 24 hours during polarbear shootings in Alaksa!

PS Hope someone can transilate this in Japanese!
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it could be done if you hacked the remote.... messy but it would do the job OR you could get one of those IR learning remote controls off ebay cheap enough and hack that instead with a small circuit connect to the pcb so that it pulses every X seconds or minutes....
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Just to point you in the right direction, Ive posted a few links below. All you need is an LM555 IC and a few resistors and caps. It quite simple, I hope this helps you....

You select the value of resistance and capacitance to determine the delay between the pulses which can be used to activate the photo button (the output of the circuit will be connected to the remote control)

As I mentioned before, get a cheap IR learning remote off ebay, capture the photo IR signal from the sanyo remote onto this new remote and then hook the timer circuit to the terminals on the button. What will happen then is that the timer circuit will pulse every X seconds activating the photo IR signal and taking a photo....



You will be able to use normal batteries to power the circuit. Let me know how you get on...
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Old Oct 6, 2009, 3:33 PM   #4
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I would buy 1 if someone made it. It would facilitate doing time-lapse at night using the 4 sec exposure etc.
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Default See here, this is a custom design for a samsung

Hve asked the guy if he could make one for the sanyo hd2000?


Maybe any interested parties could ask the guy too on the ask a question part.

Good for Samsung users too.
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