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Setter Dog Nov 12, 2006 1:11 PM

I'm planning to upgrade from my C5 camcorder to something else, almost certainly another Sanyo. All of my videos and stills are shot outside so I'm not concerned with low light or flash limitations. I've checked out the Panny S-150 and other SD card "ultra compacts". The S-150 had a great wide screen picture and wonderful image stabilization but was simply not handy enough for my purposes. Only the Sanyo seems to meet my physical requirements so I'm considering the HD1a.

I think I would like the improved zoom, wide screen, larger screen and editing features of the HD1a. I'd like to shoot in HD mode of course, but getting vibes that ease of handling the HD clips in my computer and making DVDs may be more complicated than with my C5. I don't want anything more complicated than than my C5, which gives me good results.

So, a couple of my questions are:

Is it, in fact, harder to manage the HD clips than the SD clips from the C5.

If I shoot SD clips in the HD1a, will I still get wide angle videos?

If any of you have the HD1a and can help with these questions, I'd appreciate it. I'd especially appreciate hearing from anyone who previously used the other Sanyo models. Amazon is showing better reviews on the HD1a than on the HD1. If find that encouraging. Perhaps the dreaded black screen is a thing of the past.

Thanks for your help, friends!

Chopper9 Nov 13, 2006 12:26 AM

I just bought an HD1a, and have already made a couple movies in iMovie on my mac. It worked very easily, no problems. Can't speak on the window side.

If you shoot in non-HD, it is in 4:3 format.

You do have the choice of Super HD, or a lower res HD. The lower res HD mode provides almost as good a quality, but you get ALOT more recording time.

Hope that helps.

Setter Dog Nov 13, 2006 9:13 AM

Thanks for the feedback, Chopper! I gather you like the HD1a? Did you by chance have another Sanyo previously?

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