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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, I am looking for my first HD camcorder to take videos of my hang gliding and I really like the HD1010. I have been looking at all of the footage posted on Vimeo and here and really like what I see. Although it looks as though it misses by just a bit as far as clarity, smoothness, etc......that is until I went to Vimeo and had a look at the EX1 channel.

Now before all of you experts say anything :-) I mistakenly thought I was looking at footage from the new Casio F1 digital camera and thought now that is better, not fantastic, but pretty good, I could live with that quality ......you see I have very high expectations for my HD footage.

Now to my reality check, all you experts already know what I am going to say.... I then found out that the EX1 is not Casio but Sony and does not cost around $900 Australian but $10,000 Australian!!!

All of a sudden the Sanyo HD1010 is an absolute bargin and seeing as though most of my videos will be posted on the web at places like Vimeo I can see that there is a point of diminishing returns regarding what camera you use if you are posting on the web.

Thanks everyone who put up footage from the HD1010 and HD1000 it really helped me make my decision. I hope by the time I get my camera a solid editing sequence will be worked out, although I think I will be doing most of my shooting at 720p 60fps for smoothness because when I am flying 60fps is more important to me than higher quality at 30fps.


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Vimeo down samples the video. The original clips look much nicer when viewed on an HDTV.
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Tummy is right, the original videos look much better than on Vimeo. Vimeo doesn't do 60fps nor does it do 1080i and to top it off it re-encodes everything anyway to make it smaller for streaming.

Have you seen the videos from the other member on here that straps his HD1000 to his chest via a homemade harness and paraglides with it?

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