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I just got a CG6 to replace/complement my C40. Here are some initial observations, I'll post a more detailed review and some comparison shots later.

1) Stills. It is not as much an upgrade from the C40 as I expected. The camera produces warmer shots, with maybe slightly higher resolution. Greens are brighter, blues less pronounced than the C40. The camera now defaults to "normal" instead of vivid. I still prefer both cameras on "soft" as the default is way way oversharpened to attract inexperienced consumers.

2) The battery charger is separate now. I don't know if the battery charges off the USB or not, but I don't mind this since I have several batteries and now I don't have to charge them in the camera.

3) Once nice improvement is that you can now program what the joystick does in shooting mode instead of having to get used to the defaults, very very nice.

4) The screen is nice. Also my CCD and screen do not have any hot pixels that are bad enough to worry about as did my first C40.

5) The camera is lighter, but it gives me a hand cramp holding it for some reason! The C40 didn't bother me.

6) The lens is physically smaller than the C40 lens, but the speed seems to be the same.

7) Digital zoom is still total garbage, I was hoping that they could impove this in video mode since they have more pixels to work with. It is no better than just cropping.

8 )Video mode... well, in good light I don't notice any difference between the CG6 and C40 at all. In low light (like in a basement with the lights off and just light from a window, that would require say 1/2 sec at F3.5 ISO 100, the CG6 is brighter, but also noisier. I think that there is maybe some improvement in the low light, but it is not as dramatic as I would have hoped.

9) zoom noise during video; much reduced!

10) Image stab. is still electronic, the camera samples a smaller area and tries to hold the image on the CCD steady by selecting the sample area. The CG6 is supposed to have some gyro assist for this, and I do see some difference in how the stablizer works, but I can't say that it is better. The C40 had a weird jumpy effect, even if the camera was on a tripod. The CG6 is less jumpy, but it still jumps, and the stablizer actually seems less effective, the image still moves instead of being absolutely still like on the C40. CG6 is less jumpy when panning, which was a big problem with the C40. I'll probably leave it off.

11) The color is cool, the camera is actually black, with the flip screen and flash cover being a very dark blue. Nice chrome accents. Overall a very nice design.

12) Flash. Seems less powerful.

13) Controls; bigger joystick a big improvement. The square buttons are not really an improvement and actually detract from the smooth design by looking cheap IMHO.

14) Still uses a lens cap. An automatic lens cover would be nice.

15) My C40 filled up with dust inside the lens. I'll have to see if this is better sealed. You get a soft case with it.

16) It is nice being able to remove the SD card without opening the screen and turning it on.

17) Menu layout is almost identical.

18 ) You get ISO 800 and 1600. 800 is pretty noisy, and 1600 is unusable and has all the color washed out.. no differnt than the trend on all small cameras these days.

I'm putting some comparison shots up in this album...


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Thanks brachiopod!I remember seeing your gallery before... thatmacro focused coin.
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I know that it is crazy, but I took a comparison between the CG6 and the Canon 300D. http://dcexp.com/gallery/SanyoC40?page=2
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A few more CG6 observations:

* The "blur reduction" mode seems to be nothing more than extreme software sharpening; it is not a super-cool NASA software deconvolution mode or anything.

* On the USB connection menu there is a "mobile viewer" selection. If you pick it, the camera acts as if you have picked the "card reader" selection, but I suspect that it is for another not yet announced product that is a portable screen.

* The longest exposure that you can get is 2 seconds in "night portrait" mode.

* The noise reduction feature works, and it appears to be dark frame subtraction. In my tests with 2 second exposures having noise reduction on actually made the images worse by creating little black holes over the image; more sophisitcated versions would fill in the pixels with adjacent pixels. Might be useful if you have a "hot pixel".

* The focus seems to work a little better than on the C40, slightly faster and less hunting.

* The 16:9 mode just crops the images. As does the 3MP vertical mode. There is no 3:2 mode which would have been nice. There is a 2MP mode.

* The zoom really is a lot quieter. In an absolutely silent situation, you can just barely hear it, it will not be noticed on most videos.

* You can set the "night portrait" mode and use it all the time, it just appears to allow longer shutter speeds. It is intended to use with the flash as a "slow synch", but you don't have to use the flash.

* you can set "lamp" mode for video. I think that it reduces the frame rate to 15fps so that you can get longer exposures per frame.

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