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As I've mentioned earlier I came back from my trip to Italy where I used my C6 a lot.
One of the part of my experience is I don't need card with capacity more then 2Gb at all.
Usually I've got stills and video no more than 2/3 of 2GB card per day shooting from 9AM till 8PM. I've got 4 card in 10 day-trip and now have 7.5GB of video and about 250 stills.
My conclusion: for me 2GB limit for card isn't critical issue for C6.
Much more important ones are:
- 10x optical zoom and
- viewfinder (for longer battery life).

Of course lowlight performance also what I want.

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You can turn off the backlight on the screen, that takes battery life up to 75 minutes, or so, and is OK if ambient light is good (hold the menu button down for 2 seconds). Of course, you can't change a darn thing when you are actually recording

My experience with the 10x zoom on the HD1a is that it is real tricky to hold the camera steady at that level of zoom.

It would be nice if you didn't lose an f-stop of aperture every time you used the 5x zoom on the C6, though. The C40, for example, maintains pretty constant aperture over its zoom range
F 3.5 (W) – F 3.7 (T)

OTOH, there is a built-in 'lens hood' on the C6:-)

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Thanks Trevmar for the advice, but the best choice is to have 4-5 extra batteries available in you packet - their size and weight gove you such possibility. Espesially if the batteries cost is $10 for pair!

And one short comment about zoom:
Question: Do you have any problem to play with HD1a using zoom like 5x, 6x?
Answer: If you have 10x max - 5x is in the working zone; if you have 5x max - your real working zoom no more than 3-4x.


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