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nitti48 Sep 3, 2009 6:26 PM

Sanyo HD1010 Firmware
Hello..Newbie here again

With the HD1010 how do you know if u need to upgrade firmware or leave it as it is already?? Still experimenting with the camera and wanted to know..If so what advantages or extras might there be with an upgrade..Thanks

Focus112 Nov 30, 2009 10:00 PM

i figured out how to do it, if your still interested post back

Dashlite Mar 2, 2010 3:13 PM

Let me know
Focus if you would still like to let others know how to upgrade or find out what firmware they are using, could you let me know.


alfmeister Mar 24, 2010 7:57 PM

Firmware update site
My HD1010 had 1.00 and I updated it to 1.10. B&H must have had mine in the warehouse for a while as I just bought it a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what was changed but I always like the latest.

alfmeister Mar 24, 2010 8:23 PM

You can tell which firmware is loaded by reading the EXIF data.

Markinter Mar 25, 2010 3:12 AM

I'm a little nervous to try this update. Too bad you don't know what issues were addressed. What viewer did you use to see the exif data or did you just right click on a photo?


Edit....Okay, I couldn't resist so I updated and it was easy and the camera seems to be fine. I will test it more during the day to see if I notice anything different. Better stabilization would be great.

Edit 2... Looks like the main issue was related to the Xacti Library:

[Firmware (Updated 04/27/2009) The main content]The Xacti Library feature, up to 2TB of HDD type to be used by our No.

alfmeister Mar 25, 2010 4:45 AM

I know how you feel. I too was a little nervous but I followed the instructions and it went fine. A little tension as I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the firmware to be loaded. OK it wasn't that long but that is when a problem could occur so I was happy when the HD1010 powered down and then restarted instantly. I was pleased that all of my settings were retained. You already found out more than I did. I'm going to email Sanyo and ask if they will tell me what issues were addressed. (Without admitting that I already did the upgrade of course.)

staats Mar 25, 2010 7:52 AM

So do you have some tips on how to get the download? I went to HD1010 page and I can't read it but is that just the instructions in Japanese?

Where is the download made and is it in english?

OK. I don't know if this will work as a direct link but I found it by ASSuming the Jap. and Eng. page layouts were identical.

I got 2 files:

Instructions for HD1000 in Eng.


alfmeister Mar 25, 2010 5:10 PM

Yes it's in Japanese. I find it interesting that Sanyo in Japan trusts users to upgrade the firmware but not in America or Europe. I extracted to .bin file from s217nup1.exe so you have s217nup1.bin It's 6491kb. I don't know what that s313n081 file is but I think that is the Mac version. I know that the s217nup1 file is for the HD1010 as I have successfully updated my HD1010 with it.
You are correct that the instructions for updating the HD1000 are the same.

Mark; As you discovered through translation the main focus of this upgrade is to increase the size of the the HDD to 2 TB when using the Xacti Library feature. I called Sanyo in San Diego and they don't have any notes regarding a firmware update for the HD1010 but they do have updated firmware for the HD1000. The CSR I spoke with was very pleasant and I described how I found the page on Sanyo's Japanese webpage. So unless someone wants to call Sanyo in Japan we may never know if that was the only reason for the upgrade.
If you have any questions about updates, customer advisor Dejitarushisutemukanpani Sanyo digital camera (phone 072-870-4184), please consult.
Sanyo-cho, Daito City, Osaka Prefecture No. 1 No. 1

Yes I just right clicked on the file and the properties shows which firmware is installed. Right Click/Properties/Details/Program name ver1.10 after updating.

I don't recommend this upgrade for everyone. I just like having the latest firmware. Don't attempt this if you are at all nervous about this procedure. I've updated so many devices that it's easy for me. It's one of the things I look for when buying a device. Ever since 1999 when I bought a Sony DVP-S530D DVD player that I had to send in because the firmware was faulty and it had a lip sync problem. Now I have an Oppo that I can upgrade myself.

alfmeister Mar 25, 2010 5:24 PM

I translated some of the Japanese using Google and my sides hurt from laughing:

DMX-HD1010 firmware for download, we explain how to update.
Firmware (software inside the camera to control) and to update the contents of the following support.

[Firmware (Updated 04/27/2009) The main content]
ˇ Xacti Library feature in up to 2TB of HDD type to be used by our No.

[Target] Description
ˇ DMX-HD1010 (S) / DMX-HD1010 (K)

For customers unable to download from the homepage, bon appétit we respond in the following way.

『Camera, reception by courier (please send by cash on delivery).
〒 574-8534
Sanyo-cho, Daito City, Osaka Prefecture No. 1 No. 1
Sanyo Dejitarushisutemukanpani
Digital camera customer advisor "update" addressed (phone 072-870-4184)
Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and our holidays) 9:00 - 12:00 / 13:30 to 17:00

※ When the courier service to send us is not to wreck occurred, so thank you for the following considerations bon appétit.

, Sent the camera itself is just fine.
At the time of the purchase, the box (including a sock), please use the protective sheet and camera We've wrapped the body.
If you have already been discarded, and wrap tightly in a box, please air mats.
Couriers, to "treat fine products" Please ask.
To prevent such problems, by accident during transport, the Licensee must, before ships (those listed contact numbers) until you complete and return it from us to keep the bon appétit so thank you.
However, upon to send us, and we apologize for your fingers and make sure our customers "Name", "Address", "Phone", "e-mail address (you only have one)" and "Update "bon appétit thank you to fill out and enclose a note with you.

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