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kiriakost Oct 18, 2010 4:15 PM

Sanyo HD1010 Microphone & Fake Sony ECM-DS70P
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I got too the Fake Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Mic ( $5.88 USD = €4.39 EUR shipped) ;)

I am some how expert in sound , at my youth I was working in a studio.
And so after making some tests with it , I ended up to some conclusions.

1) It works ... the good part.

2) Due the small size and how close are the two microphones ( L+R ), the Stereophonic picture its just not there ..

3) This microphone it has an wide spectrum as frequency coverage,
but its not specialized for voice .
( If I like to take footage of an live festival ( music ) I would choose the fake Sony)

4) it can be improved by a bit ... ( Soft sponge on it ) it will eliminate the booming at the low frequency like 100Hz and below .

5) Some people suggest, to replace in it the Mic caps with better ... hmm I am skeptic here , its one Mic has an specific frequency response , if you need something better , why to not get an better Mic , or even an semi Pro SHURE 58 Beta ( That is specialized for Voice ) .

The HD1010 Mic its not bad either , it is specialized for Voice recordings,
and so it will keep happy, the most people.

Sanyo Produces too , one similar design of the Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Mic, but it does not had an model name , it looks hidden in their parts catalog,
and its not easy to find it on the free market = You must contact Sanyo official retailers for it .

I made one picture so to present an rough idea with curves of what to expect with the Fake Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Mic.

About the True Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Mic, from what I have read so far its not that premium , compared with the fake.

But I will give you a tip , if you own an dead old Sony portable radio-cassette player , get the caps from it and add them on the fake Sony Mic ;)

Here is the pictures ...
1) what you get as Fake Sony ECM-DS70P ( I got the version with the extension cable ) funny enough it has engraved the Sony logo on it.

2) Curves comparison.

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