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kiriakost Oct 17, 2010 11:09 AM

Sanyo HD1010 Software choices 10/2010
I got my camera before two weeks, I had 10 years experience with digital still cameras but not video cameras.

The first problems that I faced as most people do , are compatibility issues with the camera files and the computer.

I am knowledgeable in computers for more than 16 years,
and so I am aware of ... what is " software accelerated by hardware" , and so the ATI VGA cards was always my first choice for DVD playback.

And so with the Power-DVD Ultra 8 , I was able to playback the Hacti files in a perfect manner .

Editing the Video was an big issue:
Nero vision 4 ( Nero 7 Premium) it could not handle the editing at 60 fields Nero vision 5 ( Nero essentials 8 fully updated ) was causing Jerky video issues but at list it works.

And so I tested the free trials of Corel Video studio X2 and the X3 .
The Video studio X2 had also issues with the 60 fields HD
The Video studio X3 ... had no issues at all , and worked very smoothly at my single core P4 3.2G .

Now that I made my mind about what software works well even at the single core computers , with just an HD3850 VGA , I am updating to Quad core, just for some speed at the editing process .

I am writing all those so to help and others too .
Because originally , you do not aware what causes the Jerky frame rates,
and most of the times we get extra high speed cards just for that !!

Logically the very fast card its never an waste of money,
even if it does not help more, about getting stable frames ,
the file transfers becomes even faster.

But instead of giving money for cards , buying an true compatible software for the HD1010 and every similar HD camera , makes more sense.

Personally I do not care for free software, mostly because all those Beta decoders , they mess up the Operating system , and I love stability..

About Sound ..
My Creative X-Fi Music sound card supports True Dolby ,
and my Yamaha YST-M20DSP , can not fool my ears , so the HD1010 produces an excellent sound .
But even so I am dying to try alternative microphones to it , for stereo sound.

If any one has any more tips to add , about software solutions ,
or Extra tips , you are more than welcome ..


Cresho Oct 17, 2010 5:20 PM

use linux! I edit 3 hours video, transcode to file or burn to dvd within an hours time.

I use openshot video editor or cinecutie, I also use devede for dvd authoring. WIndows took to long for me for some odd reason. and I'm talking about weeks!


in windows, sony vegas, and dvd architect! THose worked well but still you have the stupid slow rendering problem. The free software in windows works much faster but of course it comes no where near vegas quality.

kiriakost Oct 17, 2010 6:08 PM

I hate Linux ... simple as that .. :)

I can tease you about the compatibility of the Kernel ,
but I will not do it ..

Cresho Oct 17, 2010 6:11 PM

haha! 16 years with computers? I'd figure you would love it over windows or mac! :eek:

People are so jealous when they see my setup.

kiriakost Oct 17, 2010 6:20 PM

MSCE training on Win2k Servers ... :)

At my next life I will have a look over Linux.
If the Kernel ever work's properly :D

Cresho Oct 17, 2010 6:27 PM

crap, my bro went from your cert to unix, makes over *cough too much to list* plus. you need to jump on that bandwagon as a sys admin.

AIG anybody?

seriously, I would recommend you use an external drive and setup a second OS on the side and give it a whirl! If not, you can try the free stuff I posted here long ago! It is very dated.

Like I said, they are so old and it was during the time when the codec was not that supported. I have seen new software work fine but just to give you an idea what I went through when I first got the thing.

As of now, I can edit the files by simply dropping them into cinecutie and openshot. I use winff in linux to convert to android format. I also convert dvd movies into my phone. I have thousands of movies on it. devede software also converts seamlessly and extremely fast.A good sweet 15 party I do and hand out in the same day with all the titles and bells and whistles and image correction. It is definitely a fun hobby once all fall into place and plus its free and legal. I recently got a copy of nero on win7 on my other bros pc. I have not yet tried editing on it.

relate2 Oct 19, 2010 5:45 AM

I use Cyberlink PowerDirector8 ultra, works a treat and only around $75. Plus a major reason why I like it for my HD1010 is PowerDirectror8 Ultra has a built in stabiliser, which actually works a treat and fast and something you will need with the HD1010.

kiriakost Oct 19, 2010 12:12 PM

Well , every software camp , has its own special " weapons " :)

The Corel DVD MovieFactory 7 SE, that comes with the Video studio X3 ,
has an anti-flickering filter .

And about software image stabilization ... I work with digital photographs , for more than 10 years ( 2001 ) ..

If the prime material are bad " picture or video " any software cure, it will not help to the point that you will hope for .

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