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I see that I can buy a HD2 for less at Amazon warehouse deals. I asked about warranty but did not get a reply. Anyone know anything about buying through them?

I have a C6. Is this camera going to impess me as a significant upgrade or should I stay with my C6 that I like?
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Depends on what you mean by 'significant upgrade'. Considering the HD2 is a high definition camcorder, I would class that as a 'significant upgrade'
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Take a look at CG65

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What I mean to ask is I bought the C6 for better low light. I got that upgrading from a C5. Will I be disappointed in the low light of the HD2? Even with the better low light of the C6, I was often disappointed by slow shutter speeds, blur in photos and video at light levels where my eyes were able to see fine. I realize there are limitations to camera hardware but I am really looking for the day when I can capture video and stills that are as good as what I see in the sme light with my eyes.

Secondly, I think the improved codec of the cg65 is nice but I am not sure I would really want to spend even the reasonable price that it is offered at for the several very nice enhancements to what I already have.

Third, I think I would probably like to have a HD2 if the attachments, camera, and video samples I have seen really convinced me it is a good improvement over what I have. If it had better picture and video quality at the same or better light. If it had better sound. If it is as reliable.

Fourth, Amazon Warehouse always has at least 5 "refurbished" models. They only say opened box, resealed. If they are just that I would think they would still have a warranty. Is the HD2 reliable or like the HD1 plaged with black screen problems etc. that I would have to pay to repair. I havent seen refurbished Sanyos on Amazon before.

Fifth, maybe I should really wait to see if the HD3 or whatever has good low light, the improved codec, no more dongle, good software etc. before I buy another. The 3 Sanyos I have are were all so cool and are all still in use by 3 different people. The C1 was great bar any reviewer. The C5 was an upgrade but low light disappointed. The C6 made me happier but I still want more. All were without any doubt closer to how I would like a camera and a camcorder than the numerous camcorders and cameras I have had before. Nothing comes close but I still want more. I wish I coul play with an HD2.
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I'm coming from a C6 to the HD2. I went with Warehouse123.com again.

The aperature is larger, allows in more light than the c6, or other standard-res xactis. The HD1s' share this feature, but the HD2 system represents an improvement.

While some of the new standard-def xactis have optical stabilizing, the HD2 has electronic only, but with the hi-res there are pixels to "spare," so maybe it's competitive with optical-stablization standard cams here.

For me, the technical and artistic options make it more than a memory-maker camera. Three times the bit-rate, about three times the resolution when set at HD. You can go wide screen HD, or stick with NTSC DVD 720 x 480, at the high bit-rate, with any speed SD card. Very cool. The remote has better features, with the IR reciever built into the camera.

The HD2 door mechanism is not as convenient for swapping batteries. The hinged battery-access of the c6 is better. With HD2 you remove the door, which can't be done while the camera is connected to a standard tripod mount. The door could be left off for those circumstances where you don't wish to remove the camera from the mount. Others have weighed about design issues interfering with power cables.

I have to send mine back for maintenance, dust in the lense system it seems. Topic of another recent thread. I've always carried the C6 bare in a pocket, but I use the convenient, included belt case for the HD2.

I got the wide and tele lens adapters, warmcards for digital cameras, ordered a mic from giantsquid, an SLR Gorillapod, a fist full of $10 batteries plus a couple chargers. I see a lens hood being offered independently, handmade, that might be worth while to improve the image.
This lens hood is directed at the HD1, but I haven't seen limits to swapping out lens adapters between HD1-2, they are practicaly identical camera bodies, I gather.
I've seen an HD2 on a DIY FigRig. I want to try that!

I will miss the HD2 while it's away. I'm back to the trusty c6 for a while.
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