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Default Sanyo HD2000 vs Sony MHS-CM5 / PM5 Bloggies

On Amazon.com they have the PM5 for $169 and the CM5 for $199 USD.
Cannot buy in Canada for that price, I saw the PM5 at the local Loblaw's (aka Real Canadian Superstore) for $250 Cdn, can you say "woah!" On the other hand, the very cheapest I've been able to find HD2000 is $418 these days at Warehouse123.com.

PM5 has mono microphone, 4x digital zoom, up to 1080P filming, super steady shot (except for 1080P mode), 5MP stills w/ face detection, uses SDHC or MS pro duo if you like that (not me). 2.5" wide, 0.75" thick, 4.5 oz (130 grams). 2.4" display, built-in USB arm.

CM5 additionally has 5x optical zoom plus HDMI output. Pistol style like Xacti HD2000 (distinctively "style-free" rectangular shape however).

Kind of throws down the gauntlet against Sanyo tho. For half the price you can get supersteady shot with your HD video, no disadvantage with memory cards too.

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I bought a PM5 bloggie from eBay for $150 USD.
So far: no red ligne; true high def 720P @ 30 or 60 fps and 1080p @ 30 fps.
Steady shot only works up to 720P.
No flash; takes memory stick pro duo or SD card, I believe that's a first for Sony.
No touch screen. The camera is a little awkward to handle but man, it has good low-light sensitivity. If it is downright dark the video comes out black. If it's quite dark, you can see clearly but the image becomes quite noisy. The built-in microphone is AWESOME. I'm going to have to get some outdoor footage to test it for wind noise.
GOOD DEAL. Plus, it has Sony quality which is a welcome step up from Sanyo.

(my dad had a dog named Sonja - when she was good he called her Sony, when she was bad he called her Sanyo - true story).
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So you're saying no external mic input or headphone jack and ability to add lenses or filters and no optical zoom or the tons of manual controls make the Sony better? Reviews state the Sony has motion blur problems and there is no focus lock and poor low light performance. Compare similar models at the very least. 4x digital zoom shouldn't even be listed as a feature.

From Crunch Gear

Short version: This camcorder is certainly small, and the swivel head can be handy, but the lack of optical zoom hurts, and the poor video quality, focus trouble, and low light performance pretty much sink this little bugger. Cute, though.

Poor Sonja

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Well, crunch gear is one review, other reviews are actually favorable for Sony video quality -- understanding it is a very compact video camera. The CM5 form factor is positively archaic compared to anything from Sanyo so I'm glad I went with the upright PM5. I've only done indoor video so far, and so far I like what I see! I can confirm that when it's dark the picture does become noisy, though still bright; and I did see motion blur (I will have to do a more thorough test). Might have been from super-steady shot. Low light performance is at least as good as the C6 which was renowned for "pretty good" low light performance. HD2000 may have better low-light performance. I'll have to test the display outdoors to see how badly it washes out, again like the Sanyo it has no view finder. With the swiveling lens you don't really know where it's pointing, that could be a disadvantage to a fixed-lens camera like all of the Sanyos.

Optical zoom, on the one hand I sort of miss it, on the other hand I don't miss the zoom motor noise or worrying about it breaking (my C6 still functions just fine, touch wood). You can see the design limitation of the swiveling lens, there's only so much you can pack into that little swiveling housing. The digital zoom, so far, doesn't seem bad at all. The internal mic is fantastic, again I'll have to do a more thorough review for wind noise which was a big problem on the C6. I saw some HD2000 footage mounted in a hang glider, and I think I remember it had a fair bit of wind noise.

The bottom line about the bloggie: simplicity. For example: no white balance; only a couple of color modes (sepia is one of them I think); no manual focus; no focus lock (too bad -- but then again I don't think I saw it "hunting" for focus in low-light yet). So yes you give up all that control, on the other hand it seems to automatically adapt to different situations just fine all by itself, so to a person like me that's more advantage than disadvantage. Ideally you'd have a camera in between: terrific automatic mode, with full function available for when you want even better results.

I'll have to do some video comparison with the C6 for you guys to compare.

Oh: and I checked the superstore again, it wasn't the PM5 that I saw for $250 it was the PM1! The first gen bloggie. So a bad deal is actually that much WORSE.

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