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Bought a new G versionthat I got yesterday.It has as 2.5 inch screen and a few minor changes enough that i bought vs. regular us model c6. Love it so far, except..

All is working well except I can not get theunit to read the memory card after uploading backeither pictures or video back to the camera or the memory card. I know the files are there as they can be read by the laptop using the memory reader or while still hooked up to the camera in windows explorer , etc. while attached to the usb cable.

The camera screen just says no image even though they are there on the card. I saw some links that others have had similar problems but that was a while ago. Not sure I saw a resolution either. I tried pictures from another camera and files that others posted to help on those posts but none appear on the cg6 screen, just no image. Ugh!

Any help from you pros would be appreciated.


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If I understand correctly you want to upload photos back into your camera from the PC? Is so, then you generally need to make sure the EXIF headerin the photos remains intact.Some softwares throw away parts, or modify EXIF header information (they generally should not).Unfortunatly these cams don't make good media players as they don't play back any media you throw at them, but there are ways to make them accept any media as long as you format it properly.

We've covered thisin a couple ofthreads (<- for reference) in the past.
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Hi there,

I installed the infran software referenced in the related forum questions. I used it to look at one video and one photo on the computer. Then copied files back to the camera. I don't really understand but now I can copy all photos (jpeg) and all videos (mp4) back from the computer on to the camera and they all play fine now. ???????

Rather than contemplate my lack of understanding, I will just say thankyou very much for the help.

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Make sure you put the videos and pictures made by the camera back, into the default folder, in their original names (even changing JPG to jpg does not work!).

The best way is to do the original transfer of the pictures/ video from the memory card to the PC by a memory card reader, so that you actually note down the name of the folder they are located on the memory card.

I did similar tests before and find that, as long as the pictures are named according to the standard filename (eg. SANY000X.JPG) and standard resolution (pixel X pixel) of the Sanyo camera, it will recognize and show the pictures even if they are taken by other cameras. Same applies to video files, only if you have NOT modified the filename and format of the original video in any way (or you are knowledgeable about digital video and know how to convert other videos to comply with the Sanyo's standard video format).
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