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The Sanyo forum has slowed to a crawl so I thought I'd shake the bushes and see if anyone out there is watching.

I'm using my CG65 often and liking it more than ever. Frankly, I don't need anything this camera doesn't have. However, if I was making out a wish list for the CG75 or whatever they will call it, I'd include:

Stick with H.264
Add Optical image stabilization
Make the camera thinner like the C5 was
Return to the slider concept for zoom
Improve the volume so you can actually hear it
Allow the option of date printing on the stills
Increase the zoom to 10X or so
Continue improving in camera editing capability
Tweak the software so it's worth loading

In the meantime, I'm pretty happy with what I've got! What a great camera.

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Hey! Keep your hand out of my bush!

OK, seriously: have you worked your way around the 'focus-hunting' issue? I read somewhere that it is quite pronounced with the CG65.

And have you any interesting clips to post? I think you mentioned a while back that you got the Sanyo to capture your quail-hunting adventures. That would be unusual and entertaining footage. Or is it not the season yet?

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The season isn't open yet. Maybe by fall I can figure out how to post something for people to look at.

I have had no problem with focus,.......yet.
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Old Aug 18, 2007, 3:40 PM   #4
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Well you guys missed some big ones.

1) Drive mode for stills.

There is no excuse for not having this option even $99 cameras have this.

2) Higher data rate for movies with far less filtering. 6Ms

Most of the image problems are caused by the low data rate and over filtering. I have a 4 gig card and it gives me over 2 hours, I would be happy with 1 if the picture was sharper.

3) Iris lock. (Most highend camcorders have this)

4) Allow EV adjustment when recording. (Casio P505 does this why not Sanyo?)

5) ISO 300 setting (I know)

6) Slow zoom. ( Casio, Canon, Panny have slow zoom)

7) Add a 3mp high sensitivity mode for stills. ( 2x2 pixel blending)

8) Play most MP4 files so it could be used as a movie player. ( Aptek)

Most of this could be done with no hardware changes just a firmware update. I know they never will but it is just an idea.

And If you wanted to change the hardware some.

1) Move the flash to the bottom of the grip and make it brighter. This might help with the redeye. The flash is really weak now.

2) Record 720x480.(Panny SD150) The 16/9 format is the standard for almost all the new displays being sold. I can't believe I bought a $300 camera that does not shoot widescreen.:? This might also be a software fix. (The CCD could do this right now if they wanted too and so could the compressor)

3) Fix the lens flair problem. It's pretty bad.

4) Larger batterie.

5) Use pixel blending like they did in the 640x480 LAMP mode, but only use a 2x2 materix instead of a 3x3. This would give a 3mp picture with twice the ISO.

The 3x3 blending gives the same still ISO as the video so ISO so ISO 200=1800. Sadly the camera won't let you set the ISO in lamp mode (another software flaw).

If they added a 2x2 pixel blending you would get a still frame of 2MP and a ISO of 200=800. If the let the flash work (another software flaw) you could grab some nice indoor shots in normal light without the flash or with the weak flash. Add a cheep slave flash and you could do some indoor sports shots.

6) A lens filter thread! If I could add a cheep glass lens filter on the lens I would just scrap the plastic lens cap and If I scrached the filter just replace it.

I'm sure almost none of the sugested inprovements will ever be done, execpt the move to a 10MP sensor with more noise and less S/N raito.
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Old Sep 14, 2007, 12:26 AM   #5
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Hmmmmm. Some good suggestions for Sanyo here. One wonders if they listen?

I think the CG 65 is super. I had a problem with the first one, returned it, second one looks fine so far...knock, knock.

My biggest issues to address, in no particular order:
1) Lens flare ( at least make an accessory lens hood available, for crying out loud!)
2) Zoom switch is decidedly mushy. It is very difficult to get smooth zooming. I agree with the recommendation for a slider or thumb rocker switch.
3) Built-in lens cover. That #@%& annoying lenscap has triggered more UFO sightings in my movies than were ever made at Roswell. And what's the use of having a lightining fast startup if it takes you two seconds and broken fingernails to get the darn lens cap off?
4) Rubberize, rubberize, rubberize. The thing feels like it's coated with Astro Glide or something. I don't see why a couple of unobtrusive rubber strips couldn't have been added to help the grip factor. AS it is, there's only one.
5) The flash isn't quite as anemic as some, but close. I'd make it a bit more powerfuil and ADD A FOCUS - ASSIST PRE FLASH mode. The camera is unbelievably frustrating in low light in still capture mode. Talk about hunting. Or, if that does a number on battery capacity, at least add a low-energy LED, like Olympus did on their newer SW models.
6) And, UP the flash sync speed. Way too slow, probably directly related to the flash being somewhat wimpy. there is no point in having flash if every picture where people aren't completely frozen immobile ends up blurry.
7) The neckstrap adapter point on the camera is ridiculously narrow. I've lost my temper more than once trying to get the neckstrap or a wriststrap into the tiny, dead-ending ( instead of curving ) attachment "nook" . I vote for a simple swiveling eyelet instead. Would also provide more grip and take all of a second to attach.

Having said all that, there isn't a camara I've ever had that wouldn't have an equally long, or even longer, list of niggles. For the price, the CG65 really delivers a lot of oomph. And I was lucky enough to read the forums and see what the shortcomings were before I jumped.

ArizonaVideo, can you expand on why you would want a high sensitivity 3 MP mode when the camera has 6MP already? You mean to boost the ISO and to still keep noise in tolerable levels? Or is there some arcane science at work here, along the lines of why the much-higher resultion HD 1000 only offers 4 MP un-interpolated stills?

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Old Sep 29, 2007, 6:03 PM   #6
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+1 on lesscompression of the video image. This is my principal complaint about my CG6. I used to use a Canon S1 IS for video, which had very low compressionand anoticeably better image. I still sold the S1 and kept the CG6 because I much prefer the size and ergonomics of the Sanyo, but I would love a firmware update that introduced a "super super HQ" choice.

Most other issues I have would be hard to fix without making the camera bigger and/or more expensive and Iwould prefer thatSanyo keeps offering cameras at the same size and price point as the CG6.
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Old Sep 30, 2007, 8:48 AM   #7
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I've been using my CG65 frequently while quail hunting in Idaho, in and around the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. Frankly, it's been a real test of the little camera and it's doing fine,.....with one major limitation. This camera really needs an optical view finder.

For that reason, I also carry a Canon A710 in the field. It has an OVF but doesn't zoom during video.

So, my amended wish list is for Sanyo to add a viewfinder.
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