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Hi All -

I am new to this forum and to the Xacti HD1000/ Just returned from a family vacation and now I want to do some more things with the HD Video's.

I need your expertise to help me go in the right direction

I hooked up an external HDD and transfered all my files to the library

Contra: I do not seem to be able to fast forward or rewind when watching an Album, does anyone know how to ffw or rew when playing an album? Seems to only work when watching a "roll", but watching the album, with things in right order seems much more logic to me. Maybe I miss something?

Contra: No editing possibilties. So each clips gets played, then freezes for a sec, then the next one.. So no nice transitions or so

Contra: No possibility to rename the Albums

Good : free's up the space on the SD card and prereserves orginal quality for later occassions when more HD tools are available.

Now I want to do more and start doing small edits to my HD footage. Like transitions, title overlays. Pretty basic stuff.
I have a Panasonic Viera Plasma Full HD and I wna the editted clip be in Full HD as well and be able to be streamed (preferably) through my Windows Home Server to my Xbox360 extender. I read about WMW HD, this stream perfecty from Windowns Home Server to the XBOX.

Now the questions :

What is the best program (have tried Sony Vegas Pro, but strangly it does not give me a normal Full HD export option, the resultion stays on 1440 px (same as my PC wide screen). Do you need like a super PC + special videocard for editing and saving HD video?

Alternaitvely I was thinking to try and convert to AVI with StaxRip and/or MPGStreamclip and then import it into Windows Movie Maker 2 (yep as simple as that, just need some basic editing software) and then hopefully export it to the best format available, perhaps this WMW HD ?

Later when I havea BlueRay writer and Reader I might put them on DVD. So I keep the original files on the ext HDD. (Is it simple to use the enclosed Ulead DVD Movie factory with files from the library?)

I do not like the fact to put the docking station near the TV all the time and use that little remote to watch flaky library albums. I just want to have the docking at my PC, do the edits, save it to the home server and watch my digital media over the home network .

Can you guys guide me in the right direction?

Many thanks!

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