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I currently use a Panasonic SV-AV100 as my "tapeless" video camera, along with a Cannon SD500 for stills. The 2 work fine for me, but having to carry around 2 devices, multiple batteries, 2 chargers, etc can be kind of a drag.

I was initially looking at the HD1, but now I'm thinking about the C6 instead. By chance has anyone used both the Panasonic and the Sanyo? Any comparisons? The video on the Panasonic is pretty good, but, like most of the smaller cameras,is worse in low light..

I'm just trying to justify to myself the spending of the $600.00 or so:-)
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can't answer the first part.. but.. about the price.. see here: www.plemix.com
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I have owned a Panasonic SA-VA100 for several years and just replaced it with the C6. The C6 is a better camera in nearly every regard.

You will immediately see the superiority of the C6 LCD in bright light. I also think that though the Panasonic felt fine to hold, the contols on the C6 are more inuitive, I like having all the controls on the back and none on the sides.

The Panasonic uses the less efficient MPEG2 for its quality video modes. Because MPEG2 is less efficient they have to compress the image a whole lot to fit any length of video on an SD card, so you get pretty severe pixelation whenever the camera pans. This is far better on the C6. The low light capabilities are also a lot better.

The still mode on the Panasonic was really only useful for small web shots. Once again, the C6 is far better. I would not rank it as highly as your SD500 on stills, but from what I have seen so far it is equivalent to a very good 3-4 megapixel still camera. I have not taken many stills yet and perhaps I will like the results better when I experiment more.

The only area that I really liked better about the Panasonic was your ability to just rename the MPEG2 files and then drop them without recompression into DVDs. This saves a step, but even with the recompression, DVD-Videos are far superior on the Sanyo.

The good news is that the Panasonic SAV-100 held its value well. You should be able to sell yours on eBay and replace it with the C6 with little additional investment.

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