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Hello All, I am new to this forum and I need some advise on saving the files and also downloading it on Adobe Premier 3.0.

1) After completing shooting into the 4GB card, I download it to my PC and use the Adobe Premier to join the files together and then burn it to the DVD. The 4GB took 18 hours to burn, is this normal or I might have doneit the wrong way. Anyway the DVD came out Superbly clear.

2) Can I save the movie files directly to an external harddisk so that I can delete the files from the SD Card for reuse.

3) If I save the files to the external harddisk, can I reload them on the SD Card should I need them without losing the HD quality?

4) I have a Seagate 250GB 7,200 RPM harddisk that must be plug on to the power.
I follow the Xacti Library instructions but it did not work. Is it because I did not format it to Xacti Library format? I could not use the Xacti Format, as I am sharing the harddisk with other personal files from the PC.

5) Must the Xacti Library use a dedicated external harddisk then?

I am sorry to ask so many questions, appreciate some advise from the forumers here.

Finally, the Exacti HD700 is a great and fantastic digicam.

Thank you and Cheers

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1) Wow 4 Gb and 18 hours to burn that's a long time. Rendering speed is often coupled with the configuration of the system. If you give us from specs on your system that would help (e.g. processor speed, memory, etc., etc.). Also putting in effects like dissolve, etc. between clipswill make rendering go longer. Makes sense if you think about it.

2) Apparently do with the xacti library but I havn't tried it. I believe the drive needs to be AC powered

3) Yes I believe you can browse the hard drive from the HD700 but again I haven't tried the xacti library feature.

4) ??? I sure hope not. I read somewhere that Xacti called for FAT32 but I'd have to research this

5) ??


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