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Default Sending back files to Xacti HD2000 to playback them

Hi to all! I'm new!
i've got a Xacti HD2000.
I use a MacBook Pro to edit and export the video (1080p/60p). I would like to send back the edited video to camera to use it as a costless, small and effective player.
In fact, no success.
Using mediainfo, the exported and edited video is absolutely similar to the original (in terms of frame rate, bitrate etc.) but it does not work (i can post a dump .txt). They only differ for a tag (Manufacture in the header).
So, the questions:

-has anyone succedeed in sending back files to sanyo and playing them?
-is there an header/tag editor to edit the tag to make the camcorder recognize the file as its own?
-is it possible to paste/fake an header?

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We had a similar discussion here a while back but I have not seen any of the members for a while. Perhaps this thread will give you an idea.


The thread I'm talking about is buried deep within these forums. SOrry can't post a link.

There has been no success but a work-a-round using a third party dv-player as a solution. Some are very cheap and can playback mp4 files or mov files just fine. THey even come with hd outputs hdmi outputs, etc.

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I have the same issue. Sanyo Xacti HD2000.
Iím pulling back footage from the camera, and editing using the bundled software that came with it (Nero 8 - windows XP).
I can transfer the edited MP4 file back to the camera, but no matter what format I choose, I cannot get it to appear in the clip list to play back through my TV.
It may be related, but the edited video also does not seem to want to play in windows Media player either.
Surly the bundled software must output compatible files .. or am I missing something !!
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its not going to happen. either you edit in camera or nothing.
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