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Well, theMP4 Xactiscould have been media players as well, butthey weren't designedthat way andlack the all important earphones jack. Also the software only likes specific MP4 file formats.

We talked about this before.

Well, I did my own tests now that I have a C6. I tried a bunch of things and was surprised by the good results, especially for playback on TV. The annoying thing is conversion.

I thought I'd share one such test here. For anyone who is interested, here is a 3D animated short by Chun-Wang Sun called "Cubic Tragedy" that is specially formated to play back full-screen on your Xacti MP4 cameras. Play it back on the LCD or on the TV. It's a short film that was presented at Siggraph 2005,it's primarily an insidejoke for 3D artists. It was converted for the Xactis using Quicktime Pro.

Here is the link to the file for Xacti MP4 cameras on Rapidshare:


(Select the Free option and just wait for the countdown.)

BTW this was an early test for me. I later found a free software called MPEG Streamclip, available for Windows and Mac, that is better than Quicktime Pro to produce files playable on the Xactis (although itrequires Quicktime to be installed). I was able to putfull feature lenght letterboxed films on my C6 using this software, for example. It's a good tool all-around for video files and our MP4s, check it out.
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